10+ Animals That Are So Adorable You Just Want To Hug Them

Pets oftentimes have moments of adorableness and it makes you want to give them the biggest hug. They have their own character that can be questionable but it doesn’t make you love them less.

They create a safe space for us without even knowing and become big parts of our lives. Has it ever crossed your mind the wish to be able to understand what they’re saying?

Then maybe then you will finally know why they always look grumpy or why they sleep in a tattered box instead of the expensive bed you gave them. More importantly, wouldn’t you want to know how they feel when they’re a bit hurt so you know what they need?

Since that’s not how it is, sometimes the only thing we can offer for them other than their favorite treats are warm hugs. There are even people that are more comfortable giving their pets some snuggles instead of other people.

They love you unconditionally even at times that they’re too stubborn for their own good. If that happens, you know you’ve got a friend for life.

So make sure to show your pets the love that they deserve. Because you might never know when they might really need it.

People online have shared pictures of their pets caught in moments that are either adorable or weird. Like these ones who are putting smiles on their owners’ faces.

1. Cones are never fun for them. They bump everywhere and eating is a task.

2. She wanted the stuffed fish!

3. When the hooman says you’ve got to go back inside after you’ve only pooped 3 times

4. Quick, tell the OG grumpy cat there’s a new prodigy

5. Not again…

6. You would be scared to even accuse this cat. He looks at you and knows when you lie, now give up the treats hooman.

7. Grumpy Frankie earned his name with hard work of always being grumpy

8. This kitty just wants to loaf

9. He wants to know if you’re gonna do anything about this, it’s sadly been a repeating occurence.

10. Caution, the spike ball isn’t himself when he’s hungry

11. When you want to sits but can’t fits

12. Roar but in tiny

13. It takes time to look fabulous

14. Beware of the vam kitty

15. It’s like a cupcake being angry

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