13 photos proving that makeup can work magic

Decorative cosmetics is the fairer sex’s best friend! Craftsmen do not regret either the time spent on makeup or money. With the help of cosmetics, girls can not only hide skin imperfections, but also try on a new image or tell the society what mood she is in now.

1. This girl can only be recognized by her jewelry

2. She became a real queen of glamor

3. The girl on the left has clearly problems with oily skin, which cannot be said about the girl on the right.

4. Where did all this skin pigmentation go?

5. Makeup can make you look slimmer

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6. Why not complete the look with a wig?

7. Secrets of face sculpting

8. The girl focused on the eyes

9. Only the look remains unchanged

10. Schoolgirl in the morning, discotheque queen in the evening

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11. From Goth to Lady

12. It’s Unbelievable What Behind Makeup

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