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14+ Photos with Unique Angles That May Confuse You

Sometimes we do anything to get the angle right for a photo, but we end up with a perspective that baffles our minds. Even if it’s something as simple as taking a photo of our child playing or our pet on the stairs, the end result can leave us scratching our heads.

We at  Bright Side enjoy these photos, especially as they seem to put our imaginations to the test on a whole new level.

1. When dogs become human …

2. This baby is serious about leg day.

3. “Today, on my walk through Philadelphia, I came across a camouflaged building”

4. Levitating water

5. The car appears to be holding the light pole

6. “At first I thought he was petting a dog, but he is harvesting potatoes”

7. It is for sale …

8. “My brother sent me a photo from a ski hill. I used it as my desktop background for a week before I realized it was backwards. “

9. “It’s a very strong drawer panel”

10. A two-headed dog

11. Maybe she was the inspiration to make the movie  The Secret Life of Pets

12. A man floating in the air

13. “He’s lying behind the stairs.”

14. Just a cat walking on the clouds …