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15 cakes that look like real objects and will trick your mind

If you are a pastry lover, follow the Cake Boss program or simply love to eat cake, this is the ideal article for you as we bring you the images of some of the most incredible cakes baked by the hands of the wonderful team at Carlo’s Bakery. .

For those who do not know, this bakery is famous for having a reality show called Cake Boss which shows the day-to-day life of its employees and the labor they carry out to make impressive cakes not only because of the size, but also By design, they are capable of recreating almost any object, moment, food, anything that their clients ask of them.

Luke Vincentini, who works in the bakery, says that making such a cake can take up to 14 hours, but says that every minute is worth it when they see the final result and the happy faces of satisfied customers.

Below, the images and be sure to share with us in the comments which was your favorite cake.
1. If I didn’t know what a cake it was I would really put it on the liquor table



2. I cannot taste without imagining that they are real doritos


3. If you like Dr. Who this cake will make you fall in love



4. It sure tastes as delicious as a real cup of coffee


5. They look so real … I wish it were, I could use nothing bad


6. Notice the detail of the wood on the box. Impressive!


7. We don’t know who would want an egg cake, but the resemblance to a real package is amazing



8. If I didn’t know what a cake is, I would be terrified


9. The details on the leather are incredible



10. I can almost taste the acidity of the lemon

11. The perfect breakfast that includes dessert at the same time



12. It really looks like a cut log


13. Strawberry with chocolate in an equally delicious version



14. If someone is a fan of iPhone, it would be hard for them to cut this cake


15. I almost fell believing that it really was watermelon