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15+ Cats Who Don’t Know the Rules of Physics and Space, So They Break Them Easily

We have long been accustomed to the fact that many cats do not like to listen to their owners and in every possible way deny the rules of the human world. But some furry ones do not stop there and decide not to even recognize the laws of physics! Cats manage to fold into incredible poses, are placed in the most uncomfortable and unexpected places, and generally violate all the rules of space and logic. Who needs physics if you can do something like this?

Yes, he really sits on the wall


I’m in the right place, right?


I can’t imagine how it works


He seems to be comfortable


Unbelievable but true


Spider cat is our new superhero


My cat defies gravity


There is enough space on the handle of the car to stand


He’s holding up great


Who am I: a cat or a bat?


When you know how to change your state of aggregation


Another cat for whom gravity means nothing


Who said you can’t be in two places at once?


Hanging in space


When there is no blanket nearby and you have to hide yourself

Well, all these rules of physics were invented by people, and what do cats care about them?