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15 Images of Adorable Dogs and Their Lookalike Puppies to Brighten Up Your Day


Becoming a parent is a process of life many of us seem to welcome as part of our life, without excepting animals as well. As much as the connection of humans with their newborn is exceptional, the animal parents as well have a unique bond with their babies. There is no love like the mother-child bond. Pups do not really have much time to spend with their mothers before they are separated. They must also share their mother’s attention with their littermates

As each little puppy makes its entrance, its mother carefully tends to its first needs — licking and cleaning her newborn to stimulate breathing and to encourage nursing. As her newborn puppies knead and suckle, she curls her body around them for protection and warmth – hearts beating in unison. Every lick, which is a doggie kiss, reinforces the mother-puppy bond.

Just like humans would do anything to protect their babies, dogs as well stay alerted when they sense danger. When necessary, a mother dog will put herself between her puppies and danger. She won’t let strange dogs approach, and if she senses that a human might harm her little ones, she issues a warning growl.

Scroll down below to see these adorable dogs with their lookalike puppies.