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16 Cats Who Couldn’t Care Less About Others’ Opinions


Feeling conscious about the image we present to others – leaves that to humans. Cats have none of these concerns. Nature has made them perfect, and they know it!

We never cease to be surprised by these cute creatures that have no problem being themselves. Now, we are pleased to introduce you to 17 surprising observations that prove beyond doubt that cats have every reason to feel special!


# 1 Cats consider themselves the smarties of logic

Everything a cat does is right, useful and to the point.


# 2 Cats never resort to cheap scenarios
Your emotions are always simple and honest.



# 3 Cats have complete self-confidence
If you don’t agree, reread the first paragraph.


# 4 A cat’s time is never wasted
You never know – your furry friend may be working on a dissertation on the geometry of the cardboard boxes right now!



# 5 Cats are always ready to be the center of attention
Being impressive every hour is a science in itself.


# 6 Cats are experts in comfort
Believe it or not, they really find this position cozy!



# 7 Cats always find the best way
Even though it may not always look the best.


# 8 Cats do everything their way
Because they know what is best for them!



# 9 Cats never pursue unattainable goals
They always have some kind of plan – it’s just that we just don’t get to understand it often.


# 10 Cats fit all interiors
And add a touch of glamor to any surface.




# 11 Cats plan all their actions in advance
To us, this may seem like an accident about to happen. From the cat’s point of view, the lamp clearly does not match the decor of the room.


# 12 These noble animals are always ready to offer a helping hand
It’s all about being involved.



# 13 Cats never become slaves to circumstances
Every obstacle contains an opportunity.


# 14 Cats are in complete control of their emotions
Creeped out? I do not. I just moved up to a new level of Zen.



# 15 Cats know how to have fun
Unlike us, they do not complicate things beyond what is necessary.


# 16 Cats defy the laws of physics
Jean-Claude Van Damme, this is above your league!