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+16 funny shots that show how exciting and unusual the workdays of veterinarians are

Let’s admit it: few of us go to the doctor regularly, and even experience exceptional joy at the same time. What can we say about animals that are simply taken and brought to the medical office? But fortunately, the everyday life of veterinarians is filled not only with funny attempts of furry patients to hide, but also with other exciting and emotional moments. For example, like this!


Why not give the doctor a little hug


My mom just sent a photo of her patient



She saw where we came and decided to hide


Job Bonus: Pocketful of Puppies



When you dislike doctors so much that you’re ready to hide your head in a garbage hole


The vet called after the appointment and asked if we could use a photo of our dog on their website.



My friends and I rescued a baby possum. This is him with his doctor.


Attempt to commit theft right in the reception



It’s good to have someone ready to support you.


In our veterinary clinic, even at the reception, everyone is greeted by a fluffy worker



Pockets are not only with puppies, but also with kittens!


One of the tasks of the veterinarian is to find out where your patient has gone.



When you really don’t want to get tested


Bob misbehaved today, so they made him Hannibal



My dog ​​knows how to create a tense atmosphere


Just my dog ​​during a checkup