17 Cats Desperately Trying To Hide From And Escape The Vet

Most cats don’t love going to the vet, and some cats downright hate it. While the car ride there might seem somewhat exciting, the moment your cat catches whiff of that sterile vet office smell it’s all downhill from there.

Veterinarians work long and hard to help kitty cats and animals of all types, but felines generally fail to get that message. As a result, many good-intending vets get hissed at, scratched and shown no love at all, but they aren’t complaining. So a special thanks to all of the great vets out there that keep on taking cats for clients!

Not all cats are bad at the vet. One of my cats is always on her very best behavior at the vet; she literally turns to putty in the vet’s hands even if she’s getting a shot. Don’t let her pleasant manners fool you, before the vet enters the office she looks here there and everywhere for a place to hide. Just like the desperate cats on this list trying ever so hard to disappear down sink drains, hide behind cabinets, and climb their way out of secure cages.

1. The Vet Will Never See Me Back Here

2. I’m Hissin Out Of Here!

3. Silly First Timer

4. Is She Coming Yet?

5. Dumpster Diver

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6. Goodbye Mom, I’m Going Down The Drain… See Ya At Home!

7. WHY Did You Bring Me Here…

8. Normal Face… Vet Face

9. Okay Now This Cat Is Actually Good At Hiding

10. Teamwork

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11. I’ll Stay Right Here, Thank You Very Much

12. This Looks Big Enough…

13. This Photo Was Posted With The Caption: “My Wife Is A Vet. Her Patient Is A Bit Concerned.”

14. How Dare You Take Me Here

15. Stay Still… Stay Really. Really. Still.

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16. Please Mommy, NOOOOO

17. Cat Wouldn’t Come Out Of Crate So Owner Took It Apart… That Didn’t Work Either

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