17 Pets That Were Caught With Their Paws In Their Distracted Humans’ Food

When we have pets, we are also exposed to countless mischiefs that will undoubtedly come at some point, especially if we are going through the adaptation and training process.

Misplaced shoes, ruined cushions and sheets on the floor are just some of them, but a common mischief is that our food is stolen many times directly from our plate. That’s what you’ll see in the image gallery below, where the owners of these pets couldn’t keep them far enough away from their food and ended up with one less serving on their plates.

1. He still believes that no one saw him stealing the pizza


2. So that’s where the tomato sauce was


3. Not only was the sausage stolen, but he is refusing to return it


4. With that little face I couldn’t take the food out of her mouth for a thousand years


5. Imagine having your tray of cookies freshly made and a bird comes out of nowhere to take one of them.


6. I hope you take advantage of the apple that I was thinking of having lunch


7. “I was just a little hungry mom, sorry”


8. “It may be at the scene, but it does not necessarily mean that I ate it”


9. “Karen don’t overdo it, I just had a little”


10. I didn’t know that horses liked iced coffee.


11. I hope that large amount of butter doesn’t hurt your poor stomach.


12. He didn’t even realize the potato was actually raw


13. Besides stealing breakfast, when it was taken away, they get  upset


14. You won’t believe it, but that lunch belonged to another kid at school.


15. “Could you put the donut in my mouth? I am very hungry


16. If it weren’t for your mouth you wouldn’t realize that the cat ate your soup


17. This is what is called getting caught red-handed

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