18 Animals that transmit happiness through their offspring

Concern, the best care, pride, and feelings characterize any parent, even in the animal kingdom. Animals can also have intense emotions capable of captivating anyone and make excellent mothers and fathers. Here we share a compilation of 18 fantastic parents, they are so great that they will make you feel too much tenderness and love to give.

1. A girl organized a photo shoot for a pregnant dog named Lilica, there is no more photogenic mother than her.

2. Father and son.

3. The maternal instinct made person.

4. Family love.

5. The phrase on the hat says: I’m dad! Congratulations to this father.

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6. Happiness is when you have your mom next to you.

7. The wait at the airport.

8. A father represents an incredible force …

9. … He is also the best friend for games.

10. In any large family, order is always important.

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11. They always accept you even though you don’t look like others.

12. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re not my son …

13. … Because the truth is that that of other people’s children does not exist.

14. You feel the full force of fatherly love, literally.

15. All the pride of a mother.

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16. Finally her little ones fell asleep.

17. Sometimes we think someone has more parental love …

18. … Although they love them all equally.

19. Bonus: even a toy deserves love.

Which of all was your favorite photo?

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