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21 resourceful designers who got their extraordinary creations right

When ingenuity is combined with creativity, truly wonderful things can happen. And when it comes to the world of design, these two premises are indeed an extraordinary success that can make the world a better and incredibly sensational place.

The truth is that we must admit that we encountered a lot of designer disasters that we encountered and that we show you around here. Because the truth is that there are those who cannot combine their neurons, leaving aside common sense and good taste altogether.

However, there are others who really have a vocation for the art of design and their minds only come up with charming and functional ideas. And we must give thanks for being surrounded by them today, so that we can feast our eyes and minds with the best of the best.

That is why below we will present our compilation of 21 designers whose creations are 10 out of 10 in the evaluations. And the truth is that they make the world a much better place to live thanks to their projects.

1) Like the restroom logos in my school cafeteria.

2) The truth is that the design of the barber car is the best you will see in your day.


3) We do not even want to imagine the amount of electricity that is consumed in that place.


4) A laid back and tremendously successful idea, don’t you think?


5) If what you have is a real thirst, we have found the perfect drink for you.


6) For those who believed that there was no perfect sink …


7) It has never been easier to study the bones of the human body.


8) I went to a restaurant where they serve butter in these bowls whose lid is also the butter knife.


9) That toilet paper comes with an extra small roll inside is one of the best ideas we’ve seen, don’t you think?



10) The perfect way to transport your USB during a global pandemic.

11) My university bike racks come in the form of giant locks.


11) My university bike racks come in the form of giant locks.


13) When you thought that the perfect chocolate table did not exist …



14) Slippers in the shape of a carnivorous plant that every video game fan would love to have.



15) We live in 2021, but that person lives in 3089.


16) Umbrellas fit perfectly into this frame for storage.



17) I don’t think anyone has much difficulty identifying the gender of each bathroom, right?


18) I bought new batteries that contain caffeine candies.


19) An anti-spill glass so that not a drop of its content is lost.


20) We all agree that an award should be given to whoever designed this, right?


21) The design of these bathrooms is so well thought out that even Batman could use them.