25 before and after comparisons of people who decided to change their image

Losing weight is an important decision, since you must not only want to, but also commit to the process, have perseverance and dedication, as well as being aware that some obstacles will arise along the way, but the important thing is to continue anyway.

This is precisely what the people you see below did, who one day decided that their physical and mental health and well-being was the most important thing and the change was simply amazing.

1. The difference is not only noticeable in physical appearance, but also in terms of happiness


2. Regaining trust is essential in the process


3. An admirable transformation


4. Less sizes later


5. Now you feel more confident about looking naked.


6. Goodbye to baggy dresses


7. Anyway, he was happy, but now he is not only happy, but also healthy.


8. In this photo we can see the commitment, dedication and perseverance


9. It definitely looks a lot better


10. A successful documented process


11. Doesn’t even look like the same person


12. We all need a bike like this if we can have this transformation.


13. She looks beautiful both ways, but is now much more confident in herself.


14. We cannot believe that both photos are the same person


15. A photo with many years and kilos of difference


16. When did your training plan start compared to now?


17. Learn to know the needs of your body.


18. The same shirt a few pounds apart.


19. When the commitment of a couple goes much further


20. Two completely different bodies, but with the same good attitude


21. We certainly noticed the change


22. A very happy excursion


23. A few kilometers of race later


24. Now she’s not afraid to be sexy


25. You just have to commit to your body and you will achieve great results

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