17 Images That Reveal What It Really Is To Be Cold


You will probably stop loving the cold after viewing this gallery. We all have friends or family who often say “I love cold weather” or “I love summer”, but really no one can love these climates if they have not lived their most extreme side.

This time we create a gallery of how extreme the cold can be. Do not miss it!
1. “This glass has frozen overnight inside my car.”

2. The car had frozen and this was what was left when leaving.


3. This lake froze with a beautiful floral pattern.


4. It looks like a fake photo but it isn’t. This is frozen water in a forest.


5. Drops from sprinklers that fall on the lawn and have frozen.


6. The way this stalactite has grown is really chilling.


7. It was very cold and windy at the same time.


8. In this country you can get to have a frozen look without any makeup.


9. Both images are from the Michigan Lighthouse. The difference is that in the second it is totally frozen.


10. The lake has actually taken this shape by having frozen.


11. Now answer this question: Do you still love the cold?


12. In this house they must defrost the tank every time they use the bathroom.


13. The person who took this image did it after seeing with his own eyes how the ice was growing.


14. They are not ghosts, it is a hose from a gas station that has frozen at -58ºC.


15. This has not been done by a person, but is a work of nature.


16. The figure of a Jaguar car covered in ice on a day of freezing temperatures.


17. It’s time to eat!


Have you taken a similar image? Say it in the comments. We also invite you to share this article with your friends and family who think they are cold lovers but do not really know it in its extreme stage.

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