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25 Women Before And After Getting Makeup On Their Wedding Day (New Photos)

Arber Bytyqi is a famous makeup artist and influencer who dedicates himself to transforming faces through his great talents, including brides who entrust him with their faces for the most important day of their lives.

In this updated list we will present the 30 before and after makeup for most impressive brides, so that you can take some ideas that can help you for that big day.

1. The change in the thickness of the eyebrows and the change in the look are everything in this makeup



2. A completely exceptional face


3. The change is so noticeable, she looks happy and full of life


4. Even your profile looks much more defined


5. Freckles are completely imperceptible


6. It is incredible how the face changes completely




7. A simple look that is still impressive



8. May you never stop smiling with this makeup


9. With this look I would not hesitate for a second to say yes I accept


10. We could all notice the big change here


11. Beautiful and ready to say yes at the altar


12. We all need to be made up by this man sometime in our lives


13. The trick is knowing how to frame the features well


14. For daring brides with a red lipstick


15. For all cultures there is the ideal makeup


16. With this makeup, her gaze was raised much more


17. Simply beautiful



18. Gold tones never fail on a special day


19. Does anyone notice any trace of dark circles?


20. We give the change in this look a 10 out of 10


21. Definitely the hands of this makeup artist are pure art


22. Dark lips and piercing gaze, of course yes!


23. For a perfect makeup everything is a matter of putting yourself in the right hands


24. Apparently red lips have become a trend among brides



25. A simple look that will leave everyone with their mouths open