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A 4-month-old baby dies from an injury caused by a monkey that seemed helpless

Monkeys, and primates in general, are animals so similar to us that perhaps that is why they draw our attention. Despite the resemblance to humans, it does not imply that it is convenient to interact with them up close.

Like any exotic animal, its requirements, but also its unpredictable actions are just some of the reasons why I would not recommend adopting one of these species. They deserve to grow in their habitat.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a story that will clear your doubts about what I’m telling you.



In Uttar Pradesh, the largest state immersed within the already vast territory of India, a tragic story has shocked all the inhabitants of the region, upon learning of the death of a little boy who was only four months old, caused by the impact from a rock that a monkey dropped on his unprotected little head , inside his own house.

The tragic event occurred when the monkey began to play with a stone on the terrace of the residence and, without rhyme or reason, threw it on the little boy, causing a fatal injury and later death .




“The monkey touched the stone and dropped it on the baby, causing his death,” said the authorities present at the site.

Although the little victim was quickly rescued and taken to the hospital, it was impossible to save her life and the doctors simply declared her dead.



“I can’t believe my little baby died in such an absurd way. I do not want anyone to go through this pain , ”said the shocked mother of the child.

There are frequent cases of aggression caused by monkeys throughout the country, focusing, most of them on attacks on children up to two weeks old.




However, neither adults nor their peers are exempt from suffering one of these rabid attacks, since in May of this year, one of these eternally embittered primates blinded the life of a 60-year-old man and injured nine others.

Then last October, a 12-day-old calf was snatched from its mother and attacked by a monkey on the outskirts of Agra.

It is definitely dangerous to have a monkey as a pet or around the house. Many times, the similarity of their facial expressions with ours can create misunderstandings that, unfortunately as in this case, can cause a tragedy that could otherwise have been avoided.



Share this story and don’t forget that nature is wise and knows very well how and why it does its job. Do not intervene in its normal development, do not force it on a whim. She loves us, but many times, she can also give us very painful and difficult lessons to learn.