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A brave boy fights a leopard to save the life of his 7-year-old cousin

When a person is caught in a dangerous situation, it is difficult for him to discern how he will react.

Decisions made at that moment are usually triggered by quick thinking, rather than thorough deliberation. Faced with life or death circumstances there is little time to waste.

In this way it has happened to a brave 14-year-old boy who with a quick action rescued his cousin from the attack of a jaguar and managed to save his life



Naresh Kaluram Bhala has become the hero of his family, as he managed to save the life of his little 7-year-old cousin , Harshad Vitthal Bhala.

In the middle of last June, the boys were playing on their grandmother’s farm in Karpatwadi near Tokawade, Thane district, India, when they were intercepted by the animal.




Naresh and Harshad decided to go for a walk and pick some berries, while their grandmother was busy with another crop. After a few minutes of entertainment, a leopard jumped out of a bush.

The dangerous animal first attacked the 14-year-old boy, but he quickly managed to get away and ran terrified, without advancing much because he noticed that the animal had returned to take his little cousin.



The cat had Harshad in its claws , when Naresh surprised it. This brave boy took some stones and threw them at the animal, he also used a wooden stick when he saw that the feline did not depart from his defenseless cousin.

Finally, Naresh’s plan worked and the beast freed the little boy. The boys managed to escape from the animal and ran to where their grandmother Kanhibai was, who took a koyta (sickle) to prevent the animal from approaching.




Finally, the beast that still seemed to be chasing them fled the scene. Naresh’s quick thinking had saved them from being eaten by the dangerous animal but the boys received some injuries, especially Harshad.

These cousins ​​received medical care at a local health center, but fortunately none of them were serious.


Curiously, one day after the incident, some rangers found the lifeless body of a leopard and, due to some marks on its body, it is presumed that it was the same animal that had intercepted the boys.

After a post-mortem examination, Parel Veterinary University pathologists Dr. Prashant Gadve and Dr. Shailesh Pethe reported the cause of death as due to old age. Despite having some marks, the stones given by the boy were not the cause of death.



Following the dangerous incident, officials from the local Tokawade Police Station congratulated the children and especially Naresh for his bravery in saving his cousin’s life. An undoubtedly heroic but risky act, we are sure that love was the reason why the boy acted without thinking about his own life . Naresh only knew that she must protect her beloved cousin

It is admirable how a child overcame fear to save the life of a loved one, fortunately they are both fine. She shares this impressive feat.