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A Decade Of Friendship Between A Lion And His Caretaker Who Rescued Him

Have you ever heard about a friendship between a lion and a human?! It is something weird, Right! But this is the story of Frikkie Von Solms and a lion called Zion!

The man, who’s spent his entire life in South Africa taking of wild cats! However, the man has met Zion before more than 11 years, and since then they have been true friends!

The African lion, who was born in captivity, had to be separated from his father, who threatened his life! So, Von Solms was then there to take care of him as he was a newborn calf.


Von Solms has taught the giant creature to be soft and gentle by surrounding him with safety and love. Von Solms had always been too gentle with Zion as he always takes his shoes off whenever he wants to treat with Zion as shoes’ sound walking on the ground bothered him!


Von Sloms said that his relationship with Zion is something rare, but it shows that different treatment can change the nature of any creature. He also added lions in general can be so dangerous! Watch the video below.


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