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A dog goes to church every day hoping to see his deceased owner

It’s not every day you see a dog in a church, but in the small town of San Donaci, Italy, it’s very common.

7-year-old German shepherd named Tommy has not missed a single Mass for two months and sits patiently near the altar, accepted by the parish priest.

Tommy goes to church out of love and fidelity to his owner, Maria Lochi, who passed away at the age of 57. Maria adopted Tommy when she found him abandoned on the streets near her house.

Tommy goes to mass every day because it was the last place he saw his owner.



His funeral was held in this church in San Domaci, Italy





And now he waits patiently near the altar for Maria to come back for him and they go home together.



Father Donato Panna comments: «He is very well educated. He doesn’t make a sound, I haven’t heard a single bark from him in all the time he’s been going in. I recently lost my dog, so I didn’t have the courage to leave Tommy out.”




Tommy has won the hearts of all the townspeople, who feed him and take care of him, how could it be otherwise.



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