A Dog Who Had Been Left Outside A Shelter Has Found His Forever Home

It’s hard to believe some people are so cruel to animals. Many pets are abandoned or discovered in poor condition by their owners.

Fortunately, there are people willing to step forward and care for these animals, giving them a second chance. That was the case for one stray dog who, after being rescued, began his road to recovery — and has now, thankfully, found a new home.

The dog, Olympus, was dumped outside the Richmond Animal Care and Control facility in Virginia. The dog had been abandoned in the freezing weather overnight, only to be discovered the next morning. Animal control officers discovered the dog in a terrible state.

RACC wrote on Facebook, “He couldn’t stand, was skin and bones, had filth pouring out of his mouth, and was so pitiful it broke our hearts.”

This was a stunning case, even for those who work professionally with rescue animals: “Sometimes we just can’t take it anymore,” they wrote. “The cruelty that people inflict on animals can be overwhelming at times, and it makes us want to cry on the floor.”

Rather than giving in to despair, they took action to save the dog’s life. As they sped to the hospital, where vets provided emergency care, the director of the shelter warmed Olympus in their car.

“His temperature was too low to check,” RACC reported, “and his blood pressure was too low to insert an IV.”

“We hoped his body would recover after they warmed him up and started sub Q fluids.”

Nobody was sure if Olympus would make it. They did say, however, that the poor puppy was “still alive and doing well” in an update, and thanked fans for their support.

They also stated that the investigation into the crime was “thriving,” but they were unable to provide any additional details. Hopefully, the former owner will be apprehended and punished for abandoning Olympus.

March 2022 (update)

Olympus’ tragic story has received some good news: he has found a forever home, according to Richmond Animal Care and Control.

On March 1, RACC tweeted that Olympus was “doing fantastic,” having regained 55% of his previous weight. The number of white blood cells in his blood had returned to normal.

They decided it was time to place Olympus for adoption because his health had improved so much while he was in their care. They were looking for a family who could continue to care for Olympus as he recovered, with a preference for someone who had experience caring for dogs with medical issues.

“Let’s find this adorable boy the best home ever!” they wrote.

On March 5, they announced that Olympus had been adopted by a wonderful new family, following weeks of intensive therapy with “touch and go” results and “thousands of dollars in vet care.”

Olympus appears to be relieved to be returning home in a photo posted by RACC of him with his new family:

We’re confident that his new family will provide him with all of the love and care he needs as he works toward full recovery, as well as reassuring him that he’s finally in good hands after enduring so much violence.

Although the case is most likely still open, there appear to be no new developments in the search for Olympus’ former owner.

RACC thanked everyone for their assistance, including “healing prayers and well wishes from all over the country,” and described Olympus’ story as “truly miraculous.”

“It’s hard for us to believe he’s still alive…

For a while, it was difficult there!” they penned.

It’s incredible that anybody could abandon a dog like this, but we’re so grateful that this rescue was able to provide him with the love and care he required in a timely manner – and that he’s found such a loving forever home!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for this sweet dog to get a second chance!

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