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A dog with a broken leg is rescued after a harrowing adventure away from her family

One of the most frustrating moments for an animal lover is when our pet goes missing. We enter into such a state of despair because we worry about every second that the animal passes without being by our side. But technology has helped our animal friends to be easily found while wearing a microchip.



Thanks to these types of devices, many animals have been reunited with their homes, as is the case of a dog in Los Angeles, California, who was reunited with her relatives .




The dog is a mastiff named Tinkerbell . The cute little dog was lost and was wandering for weeks away from her family until the association, Hope for Paws, found the dog in California.

Upon reaching the place where Tinkerbell was, they noticed that she was trapped in the Los Angeles River. She seemed that she had suffered a strong fall that caused the fracture of one of her legs .



Tinkerbell’s location and conditions made it difficult for rescuers because there was so little space. In addition, the dog was quite violent due to severe pain and fear.

Tinkerbell’s large size prompted the rescue team to join the city’s fire department. The rescuers descended with a large cage and in it they raised the badly injured dog.




While examining Tinkerbell at the veterinary clinic, they noticed that she had a microchip inserted that revealed her family’s address. Tinkerbell’s family is not from California! She means that the dog’s trek spanned an entire state until she collapsed into the Los Angeles River .

Thanks to the microchip, Hope for Paws managed to contact Tinkerbell’s owners and reunite the adorable dog with her human family, in a beautiful and moving meeting in which everyone seemed happy.



The video of the laborious rescue of Tinkerbell was published by the association on its YouTube account and has more than 1 million views. In the video you can see from the first meeting to the happy moment in which she was reunited with her family .

You can watch the exciting video of Tinkerbell’s rescue below:



The microchip really helped this animal and his family. We hope you take the same precautions and your friend will always be able to return home. Share this exciting rescue with your friends!