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A Good Samaritan helps this distraught mother…and her ten children!

It was a sunny summer day when this mother and her ten little ones set out to cross the street, with the typical movement of their hips that characterizes them. Suddenly there were nine, eight, seven little ones… until there was none left.

Worried, this mother discovered that all her children had fallen down a sewer and began to scream in anguish. And it is that adult ducks can go over the sewers without any problem, but for these baby ducklings it was very dangerous. Fortunately, some people who were close to her realized the situation that our unfortunate mother duck was going through and, without wasting a second, they came to her rescue.

Distressed and helpless, she asked for help at the side of the sewer.



You could see the ten ducklings begging for their mom, not understanding what was happening.




Mom kept an eye on every second. What distress!



They were finally able to rescue one of them using a container, a shoelace, and a wand.




One by one, each duckling was rescued.




And while the mother was on the lookout for the rescue work, she looked for the best seat to wait for her babies.




Finally… Everyone safe!



What happiness to be all together again!




And here they are, in a secure cage. But do not worry! It was just to transport them to the nearest animal control center…straight to freedom!



Thanks to good people like the boys who helped this mom, now the feathered family continues to walk somewhere idyllic. I hope they never forget it and that they have learned their lesson.

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