A grandfather’s dog that walks very slowly moves to his rhythm to show his love

The scene of a grandfather and his dog taking a walk in the street has captivated thousands and thousands of people around the world.

Most of the time we worry so much about how to keep our dogs happy and healthy throughout their lives, that we forget how they care about us and the things they do to make us happy. Their loyalty has no limits and they always try to offer us their company and their affection.

Our pets are not able to communicate verbally, but they know how to express their feelings, they have empathy for those around them, always being willing to help those who need it. A dog can sometimes be the best comfort for a broken heart, and the best friend for someone who feels very lonely.

The gesture of this puppy with his owner, a grandfather with walking difficulties, shows how much love is in his heart. In addition to the fact that it has gone around the world since it was shared for the first time on social networks.

Let’s remember that the love we feel for our pets is totally reciprocal



In the video you can see an elderly man for a walk with his dachshund dog , which walks very slowly so as not to abandon or leave its owner behind. It is such an emotional gesture that has captured the hearts of thousands of people for the love of the puppy for his life partner.

The video has been viewed thousands of times and moves everyone who has the opportunity to watch it



Despite the fact that the old man leans on his cane, he takes a very slow step , he cannot walk with the same speed that any person would because his condition has made him lose the ability to take firm and fast steps, but his sweet canine is very patient and slows down to go at the same pace. He moves slowly to never be separated from his beloved friend.

Our pets love us so much that, even if we don’t notice it, they will always do everything possible to make us happy.



Not much is known about the puppy and his companion, but we can highlight that for the elderly, having a canine companion brings great health benefits , including: stress reduction, lower blood pressure and overall physical improvement.



There are many benefits that the company of an animal has for human beings at a time when age wreaks havoc on health, physical condition, loneliness and mood.

Now you know that it is never too late to welcome a puppy into your life, you will never regret adopting one



According to a study conducted by the University of St. Andrews, dog owners over the age of 65 are 12% more active than those without a dog . It is recommended that the elderly have a pet so that they can be committed to caring for that vulnerable and dependent being, staying in good spirits, feeling useful and, above all, accompanied.



What better motivation than being happy and healthy in the company of a true friend! Check out the sweet video:

It is clear that the fidelity of dogs has no limits, they are capable of offering us their love and fidelity for the rest of their lives. Whenever we need their protection, comfort and love, they will be by our side unconditionally.


These scenes inspire us, invite us to be more grateful and to value the love we receive around us.

The bond between this puppy and its owner confirms that pets can be our best friends and that animals have unparalleled empathy for the suffering of those they love.

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