A really amazing green color Bird with red eyes, legs, and Bill is the Common Green Magpie – Step Creeper

Birds are a fantastic example of how nature makes this world more colorful. There are different unique birds with magnificent color shades on their feathers. These birds are really eye-catching with the mixing of different colors on them.

The bird common green magpie is also such a distinct one. The color of this fantastic bird is taken a vivid green as its name defines. Also, the face, tails, and underparts are taken somewhat bright green color.

Also, there is a thick black color stripe from the bill to the nape of this bird. Their back wings are taken a light blue color that is spotted with white tips.

In the body of crow family member, also has taken red. As a result, this bird has become the most eye-catching on its territory while eyes, legs, and bills are brought into the red.

We can find these Common green magpie birds from the area of lower Himalaya, Northeaster of India, Central and South China, Sumatra, Northwestern of Borneo, and Malaysia.

They are finding foods from both trees and the ground both. Most favorite meals are earthworms, millipedes, larvae, snails, and other insects.

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