A resident of Holland showed the world her horse with a strikingly long mane, And he is like a fairy tale!

These two do not need any prince: there is already a princess and a horse, or rather a mare named Storm. And, oh God, how beautiful she is! Her 24-year-old hostess, Naomi Becker, of course, too, but you just look at that mane! Storm breed – Hufflinger, and they are small and very, very beautiful head. Their mane usually curls while they are young, but then straightens. The storm is now in full swing, and its curls (meters long) make others grab the heart with delight!

This is Naomi Becker from Eindhoven, Holland. And she is sitting on an incredible beauty

This beauty is called Storm, she is a horse of the Hufflinger breed

And the beauty of her mane is a heartbreak

You just look at these curls!

The horse, of course, has been compared more than 50 times with Rapunzel (this is an unverified fact)

But can any fictional princess match this splendor?

The length of Storm’s mane is more than a meter. It takes 6 years to grow one and keep it tidy


These beauties have already become the heroes of various photo shoots

And this is understandable, because they can be admired forever!


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