A terminally ill elderly man says goodbye to his beloved dog in the hospital before he dies

Every time life progresses, it shows us wonderful sides, but also other moments that are quite painful and difficult to face. Old age and deterioration of health are factors related to death and, while in this stage, both the person and their relatives, including pets, suffer equally.

A moving video was published on social networks by Ashley Stevens, granddaughter of one of the protagonists of this story. The young woman’s grandfather,  Peter Robson, was hospitalized and lying on a stretcher at Ninwells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland.



Sadly, the old man had to go through his last minutes of life due to pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that causes the lung tissue to scar, making it thicker, hindering gas exchange and preventing the blood from having enough oxygen for the rest of the body. works correctly.

In that room he was surrounded by several relatives who sobbed incessantly, but the family was incomplete for him and his last wish was to say goodbye to his pet The man wanted to see Shep, a border collie who had been his dear friend for years.



Robson’s wish seemed that it would not come true due to the strict regulations that the hospital has on the passage of animals to its facilities, especially in the rooms where the confined patients are, but the group of nurses understood the difficult situation, so they relented and did their best to get Shep to visit his human.



When Shep entered the room he was quite alarmed to see Peter’s deterioration; however, Peter was smiling and desperate to hug him. Shep raised his legs on his bed and tried to touch him while everyone present burst into tears without finding comfort.

Ashley treasured this moving moment with photos and two videos that she would later post on the social network. After several seconds, Peter sat up by himself and gave his beloved dog a kiss, and it immediately died.



Ashley commented on her post that her grandfather died happy, thanks to the support of the nurses and other hospital staff.

“I am still in shock as the wish was granted, they made a dying man very happy. Cheryl Whyte, the nurse on Ward 3, you are a total angel and we are all eternally grateful that you know what this means to our grandfather.”



The publication was shared massively, having more than 20,000 reactions and comments from people who were heartbroken seeing the emotional images.

And how not to react like that! The video below will prove right to so many thousands of users who have been as moved as Peter’s close family:



It is incredible to see the bond of friendship that unites two beings like these and that, despite the situation being painful, they are always willing to show how much they love each other. Peter Robson, rest in peace, Shep will always love him.

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