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A Tiny Bird Brings A Ray Of Light To A Ukraine Soldier’s Face As He Endures In The Hardest Of Situations!

Even during the scaries of battle, the most unexpectedly beautiful moments can occur, gorgeous enough to put smiles on faces in the hardest of circumstances.

As held true with a Ukrainian soldier taking a break from the action, just lying in the snow, taking a rest, when a little bird lands on his collar.

Curious, the Great Tit appears extremely interested in this particular soldier.


Throughout the procedure, the clearly cold soldier breaks into a smile. Just how can he not, as the bird proceeds to provide, both his face and his collar an extremely thorough examination!

Turning an or else bleak moment right into a wondrous one as the bird proceeds to nibble at his face. Shinning a bright light onto a bleak day, bringing a brief moment of happiness throughout the horror of conflict.