A Trucker Has The Hardest Time Trying To Explain His Order To A Blonde Waitress

One of the things we should be doing on a daily basis is laughing. The problem is, you don’t always have something that seems to allow you to laugh.

Perhaps you might seek out the opportunity to laugh by watching a funny movie or perhaps listening to a comedian.

In either case, laughing can make you feel better on the inside and can also help you in a physical way in many cases.

Sometimes, you might be able to get the same effect by listening to a good joke. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good laugh, then this joke is sure to provide it for you.

A trucker came into a truck stop cafe and placed his order. He said, “I want three flat tires, a pair of headlights and a pair of running boards.

The brand new blonde waitress, not wanting to appear stupid, went to the kitchen and said to the cook, “This guy out there just ordered three flat tires, a pair of headlights and a pair of running boards. What does he think this place is… an auto parts store?”

“No,” the cook said.

“Three flat tires means three pancakes, a pair of headlights is two eggs sunny side up and running boards are 2 slices crisp bacon.”

“Oh, OK!” said the blonde. She thought about it for a moment and then spooned up a bowl of beans and gave it to the customer.

The trucker asked, “What are the beans for, Blondie?”

She replied, “I thought while you were waiting for the flat tires, headlights and running boards, you might want to gas up!”

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