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Allow a service dog to travel with its owner and be better behaved than other passengers

A noble service dog traveled with his owner by plane, leaving everyone surprised by his splendid behavior. Passengers were touched by his presence and applaud the airline’s gesture in allowing him to accompany his owner.

Flying in an airline is not always the most pleasant and it should be , especially because sometimes, despite paying a high price for traveling at ease, we can find passengers who are a bit problematic, noisy or restless children neglected by their parents who disturb the peace of a journey

However, what  travelers witnessed aboard a  China Southern Airlines flight  left them all speechless.

They were able to travel with the company of the most unusual of passengers: a huge, fluffy brown Alaskan Malamute.



The large dog was recorded sitting in absolute silence in his own seat after being allowed to travel on the flight with his disabled owner, who suffers from extreme emotional vulnerability and needs a therapy dog ​​at his side at all times.

An airline spokesperson stated that the service dog was qualified as an emotional support animal, and had been approved by medical professionals with the relevant certifications.

All the passengers were astonished to see this civilized passenger behave in the best way during the flight.





The video was posted on the Chinese social network Weibo, racking up millions of views in minutes and a wave of online comments applauding the airline for allowing the disabled man to be accompanied by such a good therapist.

“Compared to annoying children who keep kicking other people’s seats or old people who talk loudly, I prefer to sit with a service dog” , was the correct comment of a user in the networks.

The friendly canine passenger even gave the sweetest smiles to the camera as he sat peacefully.



“Such a well behaved and cute dog. I wouldn’t mind sitting next to you! Even due to the particularity of the case and the illness suffered by the man, the pet was allowed to fly free of charge , “wrote another person.

Such an act is truly worthy of praise, since on many occasions the owners must present a series of documentation that is difficult to obtain and traveling with a pet can be a real concern for the steps it requires.

China Southern Airlines, for its part, has officially announced that it will allow free travel for service dogs . And the dog and food containers will also be transported free of charge.




“In order to bring a service dog on a flight, passengers must submit a medical test, after which ground staff will help passengers and their dogs to check in , go through security and board the flight,” said Shi Jun of ChinaSouthern Airlines.

The lovable protagonist of this story traveled from Shenyang to Shenzhen, in the south of China, on a three and a half hour flight in which he stole the hearts of the passengers and the crew. 

In addition, he clarified that the dogs have to wear muzzles and leashes and must remain next to the passengers they serve. Following the instructions should not have any problem.

Don’t miss the exemplary behavior of this adorable passenger:



The images of the emotional support dog during the journey do not stop generating comments, it is expected that other companies will follow the example of allowing these animals to travel with whoever needs them always by their side.