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An Rescued Kitten Grew Up To Be A Full-Fledged Lap Cat With A Lot To Contribute To The World


“Meowing and trying to get up close, she approached me as soon as she caught sight of me. That day, it was so hot (110 degrees Fahrenheit) that she could barely go a few feet “Love Meow was informed by Bree.

No sign of the mother cat could be discovered. For some food and water, she took the kitten inside. “She was just three weeks old and had been abandoned by her stray mother,” says the author.

After that, she brought Cloe to the vet to obtain the medical treatment she required the next day.

“She was very dehydrated, emaciated, flea-infested, and had intestinal parasites,” Bree said.

“If I hadn’t taken her in, the vet said she would have passed away.”


They bottle fed the kitten 24 hours a day for the following three days. Bree had never had a cat before meeting Cloe, but she was determined to help her recover.

The first several days were the most difficult, with little to no sleep. They assisted Cloe in eating because she was a picky eater, and they kept her warm at all times.

“It took her four days to collect the energy to try to play.”

For over a month, they continued to bottle feed her every 3-4 hours. They had intended to find her a home once she was old enough, but this never occurred.


Cloe had already arrived… I was really smitten by this tiny child. “She was still underweight, but I worked so hard to get her to gain weight,” Bree explained.

Cloe weighed 10 oz at one month old. She was still rather small for her age, but she had a voracious appetite and was becoming increasingly active and inquisitive.

She had investigated the flat and was giving “assistance” in the kitchen by the time she was seven weeks old.

Bree told Love Meow, “She’s certainly a loving cat and likes to sleep on my feet.”


Cloe is attached to her human mother and does not want to be left alone.

She’s such a sweetheart!

The purrfect assistant.


Crowley, a new cat, joined the household a few months later.

“When I got home from work, I noticed Cloe was restless and felt she might use a companion. He’s only two weeks her junior.”

Cloe decided to cozy up to her new buddy for a cuddle after a few days of hissing and swatting, and the rest is history.

“They’re in love with each other now!”


Everything is done in tandem by the two pals.

They take naps, eat, and sit in front of the window, watching the world go by.

Bree, who had never considered having a cat before meeting Cloe, now has two feline friends that she adores.

Cloe has been missing for a year, when she was discovered in the driveway. “She also came to my rescue! I believe she appeared just when I needed her!”