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Coast Guard Confirms Debris has been Found in Search for Titan Submersible

The US Coast Guard has confirmed that a debris field on the ocean floor has been discovered in the search operation for the missing Titan submersible.

The whole situation has left the internet terrified…

The search for the missing submersible Titan, which went missing on Sunday while on a mission to survey the wreckage of the Titanic, has been focused on an area where Canadian aircraft detected underwater noises on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.

“Officials said the field had been found by Odysseus 6k, a remote operated vehicle (ROV) deployed by the Canadian vessel, the Horizon Arctic, that can dive 20,000ft underwater,” Daily Mail reported.

Right now, the experts are evaluating the situation and will soon share an update.

“Experts within the unified command are evaluating the information,” the Coast Guard said.

It has yet to be evaluated if if this debris field is connected to the missing submersible. The Coast Guard said it will hold a press briefing at 3 p.m. ET to “discuss findings from the Horizon Arctic’s ROV on the sea floor near the Titanic.” Per CNN.

“Today will be a critical day in this search and rescue mission, as the sub’s life support supplies are starting to run low,” Guillermo Sohnlein, the co-founder of OceanGate, the company operating the expedition, stated earlier today.

The frantic international search entered a more desperate phase today as the oxygen supply on the missing tourist submersible dwindled.

The five passengers on board the Titan are out of oxygen now, and the U.S. Coast Guard estimated that they could have run out of air at 7:10 a.m. ET. The exact location of the submersible and the condition of the passengers remain unknown, even as the search intensifies with new ships joining the effort.

A submersible disappeared during a mission to survey the wreckage of the Titanic. The vessel has a 96-hour supply of oxygen, meaning it could run out of air this morning. The Coast Guard is continuing its search.

The search expanded yesterday after crews heard “underwater noises.” The search area is twice the size of Connecticut and 2.5 miles deep.

The people on board have been identified as Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate Expeditions; British billionaire Hamish Harding; French dive expert Paul Henry Nargeolet; and prominent Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman.

The limited number of crafts capable of reaching such depths and the difficulties associated with attaching and towing the submersible to the surface have been noted by experts.

The families of the five people on board are yet to issue any public statements about the debris discovery.

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After 6-year-old son passes away, parents find note he left them

I hope that when you’re reading this story you have some tissues to hand because you’re going to need them; I really cried real tears for this little boy and you will too!

This lovely little boy, called Leland Shoemake, wanted his mommy and daddy to have this lovely sweet message from him before his time came to leave this world.

At only the tender age of six-years-old this little boy died of his condition on September 25th, he was undergoing treatment for Balamuthia mandrillaris, a brain-eating amoeba.

His parents returned home without their son to find a note, it was special and it’s something that they will treasure and cherish for all their days!

Source: The Leland Shoemake Foundation

His mom was in his room, she was organizing and preparing for the funeral, it was Tim who found the note, it was in their living room in a place that he liked to draw and do art.

Time burst into tears as soon as he set his eyes on the note, he ran towards his wife, keen to show her the note he had found…

The note simply ready this:

“Still with you. Thank you, mom and dad. Love mom and dad.”

Source: The Leland Shoemake Foundation
Amber said:

“To say I lost it was an understatement …We cried together for the longest time.”

Their little boy frequently wrote notes to them, and pictures too, but this one was really so much more special than any of the others, they decided to frame it and have it on the wall in the living room.

Source: The Leland Shoemake Foundation
Mom says in her Facebook past that Leland was a clever and very curious little boy!Amber wrote about him:

“He knew his abc’s, numbers, colors, shapes and 20 sight words by the time he was a year old. He was our little nerd and we loved that about him. He loved school and loved to learn. He loved the history channel, the weather channel, documentaries and anything about history …He had a hunger for learning.”

Source: The Leland Shoemake Foundation
Leland wasn’t just a clever little boy, he also was really sociable too and enjoyed talking with his parents and other people too, every single person who came into contact with him recognized his lovely kind personality, his parents even made new friends because of him.

Source: The Leland Shoemake Foundation
He was just a really lovely child, but taken way too soon, before he flourished!

This note he left behind, it was simply beautiful, something that everyone should see, words are really not enough to describe what it means to any parent to find something like this in these circumstances.

Amber said about Leland:

“He was our little nerd and we loved that about him. He loved school and loved to learn.”

“He loved the history channel, the weather channel, documentaries and anything about history.”

“He loved ships like the Titanic and learning about things like WWII. He was perfect. His favorite movie was jaws.”

“His favorite director was Steven Spielberg. And his favorite actor was Adam Sandler.”

“He loved his brother and his family so much. He was the life of every party. His smile could light up a city.”

“He was the smartest, most caring, loving little boy there ever was.”

This little boy will be sadly missed by all that knew him, his parents especially and we send our love and prayers to him!

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Boyfriend refuses to leave his girlfriend after terrible fire destroys her face – shows the true meaning of love

The story of Turia Pitt is heartbreaking and hugely inspirational at the same time. This mining engineer has gone through a lot during the past 10 years. In 2011, while competing in an ultra-marathon, she was suddenly caught in a grassfire.

No one knows how she managed to survive, as she suffered severe burns on 65 percent of her body. Turia lost seven fingers, undergone over 200 medical procedures, and spent two grueling years in recovery.

However, she wasn’t alone. The one person who stood by her side throughout the entire ordeal was her boyfriend Michael. He never considered leaving her and was her biggest support. What’s most, in 2015, he proposed to her and the two got married.

“When Turia was in intensive care four years ago I bought a diamond ring,” Michael told the Daily Mail. He never stops reminding her how beautiful she is.

It took Turia two years to take her mask off. She needed to wear it constantly so that her face healed faster.

She is happy she found a man who loves her no matter what and who didn’t leave her after the horrific accident.

“Going to sleep next to my partner I never thought anything of before. Now I think how lucky am I get to sleep next to this beautiful man. He’s a good guy and I’m very lucky to have him,” Turia shared with the Daily Mail. “Every day I wake up beside Michael is a great day.”

Turia’s life story went viral and many people from Australia and other parts of the world followed her journey after the accident.

Then, in early 2017, she and Michael shared some extraordinary news with the public. They were expecting their first child together. Later that year, baby boy Hakavai was welcomed into the world. In 2020, the Australian couple welcomed another bundle of joy into their lives, son Rahiti Hoskin.

Today, they are a perfect family of four and their story reminds us that there is always hope when true love is present.

Today, they are a perfect family of four and their story reminds us that there is always hope when true love is present.

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People are upset over sign KFC store posted on their doors – Restaurant refuses to take it down

Over the last few years, Law enforcement officers had had hard times, and things are only getting harder. Many Officers have been singled out and attacked as well as some people assuming that all cops are bad cops, or corrupt in some way.

Well, one restaurant decided they would make a difference, a place over at Gallipolis, Ohio decided to show the men and women in uniform that they are valued and appreciated. The sign in the window is really causing a stir!!

Facebook/Ohio Going Blue
The sign clearly says:

“All uniformed police officers eat free everyday.”

To absolutely prove to all the men and women in uniform that they have the city’s wholehearted appreciation for their work everyday, each time they put their own well being on the line to keep us all safe.

A delicious hot meal is no better way to fuel up before, during, or after a hard day and maybe even keep the streets even safer, how wonderful!

Ever since the sign has been pinned in the KFC window, things have gone crazy, it’s gone completely viral getting well over 5,000 shares and 10,000 likes on Facebook.

The store’s employees have even been joining in and commenting on the Facebook post, they absolutely do server all the uniformed police officers, completely FREE all day, every day!

You might expect the most people will be supportive and super happy about it, especially the men and women of the police force, but, there are also plenty of people that are not happy at all!

Flickr/Mike Mozart
Some people really didn’t like what the store owners had done and said that they believed that all first response services should be included, not just the police, even the administer of the Ohio Going Blue, an officer of the law, too said he couldn’t agree more.

He said:

“This is a positive post, but some of you can’t see the bigger picture.
As an officer, I do not go into any establishment expecting [or] wanting anything to be free or…. even a discount, whether I’m in uniform or not, and I can tell you other officers feel the same way. We don’t like ‘special treatment.’ The fact is that KFC is acknowledging law enforcement, which is why this was posted. To those who stated that other first responders should also be acknowledged. My answer? ABSOLUTELY.”

The fine officers of the law lay their well being on the line for us every day, and do their very best to keep us safe but have nothing in return, so to give them a free meal and keep them fueled up for their long day is reasonable….

Why do you think of the KFC sign in the window? Do you support it?

Even When Her Husband Is Unconscious, She Never Leaves His Side. She Gasps In Amazement As She Hears Him Pronounce These Five Words

Despite her husband’s unconscious state, the wife never left his side, faithfully attending to him for months. Her dedication and hope for a miracle were finally rewarded when he regained consciousness. Weakly motioning for her to come closer, he expressed his gratitude and admiration for her unwavering support.

He recounted the hardships they had faced together, from his terrifying shooting incident to the loss of his job and business. Throughout it all, his wife had remained by his side, offering love and support without faltering.

He acknowledged the devastating loss of their house and how she had chosen to weather the storm together with him. Her presence had been a beacon of hope during his darkest times. Even as his health declined, their bond grew stronger, and her commitment to their relationship never wavered.

Reflecting on their journey, he marveled at her strength and resilience. Her unwavering love and understanding had been the light that kept him going. Filled with affection, the woman smiled tenderly, anticipating more words of appreciation from her beloved.


But then, unexpectedly, he hesitated. In a moment of vulnerability, he uttered the surprising words, “I think you are bad luck.” The woman’s smile faded, taken aback by his unexpected statement. The room fell silent, and the weight of his words hung in the air.

Confusion and hurt washed over the wife as she tried to comprehend his comment. Her mind raced, searching for understanding and questioning the sincerity of his previous expressions of love and gratitude.

Emotions swirled within her as she grappled with the sudden shift in their conversation. What had seemed like a heartfelt moment of appreciation had taken an unexpected turn. The wife’s heart sank, filled with a mix of sadness and disbelief at her husband’s words. Uncertainty now clouded the room, leaving their relationship hanging in the balance.

Bob Barker’s Longtime Girlfriend Offers Update on the Iconic Gameshow Host

On December 12, legendary game show host Bob Barker, who is best known for hosting The Price Is Right, turned 99 years old.

Over the last nearly 40 years, Barker has shared his life with his partner, girlfriend Nancy Burnet. While talking with Fox News Digital, Burnet shared a few updates about Barker with his fans.

Bob Barker’s Longtime Girlfriend Offers Update on the Iconic Gameshow Host

While commenting on his health, Burnet said, “he’s going to be 99, and he takes one prescription medication and that’s for his thyroid.”

“And his health care or anyone who comes in to see him, they’ll say, ‘Well, we’d like a list of his medications.’ I’ll say, you know, let me just show you the bottle.”

As Burnet continues she confirms that Barker, despite being 99, is “in very good health for his age and his humor is still in good shape. He’s had a very charmed life.”

And as for how the legendary host is celebrating the start of another year around the sun, Burnet says she and Barker will have a “very simple and quiet” celebration at their home with cake.

Burnet went on to credit Barker’s health to his decision to go vegan per her request roughly 20 years ago. “It was not to replace meals but to enhance everything,” she explained. “To take that in addition to his meals, because he was not doing well.”

Barker retired following a 50-year-long hosting career, 35 of which was spent hosting The Price Is Right, in 2007. He’s won 14 Daytime Emmy Awards and 4 Emmy awards as an executive producer of the show.

Burnet says Barker is still very fond of his hosting years. In fact, she believes that is why he was so successful at it.

“He never grew bored with it. So maybe that’s why it was so successful because he was always ready to do it and happy to do it.”

Happy Birthday, Bob Barker! May you enjoy many more!

Goldie Hawn’s 7-year-old granddaughter is pretty much a spitting image of her famous grandma

Given that Goldie Hawn is not only ageless but also has a wonderful and endearing relationship with her spouse Kurt Russell and is arguably the most entertaining person in Hollywood, you can’t help but watch her.

She is a devoted mother and grandmother to her three biological children, one stepchild, and six grandchildren, and her social media accounts reflect this.

Hollywood romances don’t usually last very long. Celebrity relationships usually come and go. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, though, are unquestionably an example of how to make it work even after a long marriage.

In 1983, Goldie began dating fellow Hollywood celebrity and the love of her life, Kurt Russell. More than three decades later, the pair is still deeply in love with and adores one another; they don’t even feel the need to be married.

“So as long as my emotional state is in a state of devotion, honesty, caring, and loving, then we’re fine. I like waking up every day and seeing that he is there and knowing that I have a choice. There is really no reason to marry,” Goldie told Woman’s Day in 2007.

Kurt stated, “Everyone has their marker on what is really important and where you draw the line,” in an interview with the Daily Mail in 2018. The kids come first was Goldie and my main principle.

Through the Goldie Hawn Foundation’s MindUp initiative, which she founded in 2003 to assist improve settings for kids so they may succeed in school and in life, Goldie puts the needs of all children first.

Every time you see her with her daughter Kate Hudson, a Hollywood star in her own right, you can tell how much she loves her own kids. With her second husband Bill Hudson, Goldie had a daughter named Kate and her older brother Oliver.

The amusing mother-daughter team recently made an appearance on the Ellen show, where Goldie made fun of how close she was to daughter Kate when she gave birth to Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, who is now one year old.

“The doctor was in there and I could see the head and then it disappeared,” Goldie animatedly declared on the show. “And I’m looking over his shoulder, then the doctor turned to me and said ‘Goldie if you get any closer you’re gonna fall in.’”

In addition, Kate has two sons: Ryder Russell, 15, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 8.

It’s hard to believe this blonde bombshell, who everyone will remember from classics like Overboard, Private Benjamin, and the First Wives Club, is 74 years old and a grandmother. She also plays Mrs. Claus in the Netflix holiday hit The Christmas Chronicles, which stars her partner Kurt Russell as Mr. Claus.

Goldie and Kurt now have three grandchildren: males Wilder Brooks and Bodhi Hawn and daughter Rio, thanks to Goldie’s son Oliver and his wife Errin. The world has been laughing thanks to this well-known actress, dancer, and producer for decades, but her true love is undoubtedly her family.

Rio, one of Goldie’s youngest granddaughters, is 7 years old, and she recently shared a cute snapshot of her. Rio and her “GoGo,” the nickname that Goldie’s grandchildren gave her, are eerily similar, and fans can’t get enough of this sweet picture.

Rio and Goldie were eating lunch when Goldie took the image. “Christmas lunch in Aspen with a chip off the old block!” she said as the caption. To everyone, everywhere, a happy upside-down lunch.

The picture received nearly 70,000 reactions, with thousands remarking on how much Rio resembles Goldie. A few weeks prior, she shared a photo of Rio and her at a MindUp celebration where Barry Manilow was honored.

“Couldn’t have picked a better date than my granddaughter,” she wrote.

It’s clear this Hollywood legend has nothing but adoration for her family.

“I look at our kids and grandchildren and there’s nothing in the world that could make me as proud as I am of all them,” she said, as per Australian Women’s Weekly.

“Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it,” says Goldie. “It brings incredible joy. Family is so important.”

The granddaughter of Goldie is really adorable. Do you concur that she resembles Goldie exactly?

Buried in snow, this man films a mountain rescue dog saving him

Dogs possess exceptional bonds with humans, surpassing all other animals. In addition to their remarkable loyalty, dogs fulfill a diverse range of roles for humans, being intelligent, playful, and endearing creatures that enhance our lives in countless ways.

They have been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage physical activity, and provide invaluable assistance to people with disabilities. As the renowned American actor, Will Rogers once said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.”

A recent video uploaded by ‘Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England’, a charity that trains rescue dogs to help those in need in the wild, reaffirms this truth. Among other skills, rescue dogs are trained to search for people lost or buried in snow.

During a training exercise, a volunteer buried himself in snow to simulate a rescue, and the dog named Flo, a 4-year-old rescue dog, demolished the snow wall with her body to reach him. Flo has won people’s hearts with her specialized skills and affectionate demeanor.

Watch the entire moment here:

3-year-old boy dies in car crash on way to his own birthday party – rest in peace

Josiah Toleafoa, a small boy, was on his way to Play City to celebrate his third birthday with other children when tragedy struck. A toddler was hit by a car in the parking lot of Play City, a family-friendly indoor party venue in Chula Vista, San Diego.

According to a witness to the horrific event, Josiah’s mother sobbed hysterically as paramedics struggled to save the small boy’s life.

Unfortunately, Josiah passed away in Rady Children’s Hospital, therefore the efforts were in vain. According to authorities, the car’s 36-year-old driver apparently stayed at the site and cooperated. According to the police, it doesn’t seem like using drugs or drinking contributed to the collision.


Family members used social media to create a GoFundMe page to raise money for Joseph’s funeral costs. They described the little boy as sweet and loving. “JOSIAH brought the family together- his incredible SMILE, LOVING HEART simply brought JOY to any room. There was no time to see him do amazing things. I KNOW HE WOULD HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD,” wrote a Tatiana Toleafoa, who identified herself as the boy’s aunt.

She added the reason for starting the campaign, “We’re doing this gofundme to help with my sweet nephew’s funeral expenses and services for the little angel that touched so many lives in so many different ways before he was called to Heaven. Any amount would help, anything at all. We are so thankful to have loving family and friends to be with us and love us through this horrible tragedy and want to be able to put him to rest to say goodbye and never forget the little boy who loved with a tremendous heart.”

The Play City owner said that he is giving the Josiah family $2,000 and that the landlord is matching that amount.

Although the case is still under investigation, no one has yet been taken into custody in relation to the accident.

What a tragic piece of news this is. We offer our sympathies to Josiah Toleafoa’s family during this difficult time. Please join us in praying for the family and thinking about them.


Marine Approaches A 9-Year-Old Boy In The Middle Of A Triathlon Baffling Everyone Present

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.” ― Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. President. Over the years, Marines have earned a reputation and they deserve it.

When kids say they want to be like them, parents have the right to feel pride in what their kid has just said. After all, their work is for their nation and for the welfare of its citizens. If you too feel gratified at this team of brilliant men and women who believe in doing the right thing for the right cause without caring for the consequences, this story will certainly bring you to tears.

In the midst of a bustling triathlon event, where participants were swimming, biking, and running with determination, a heartwarming incident unfolded that left everyone present baffled and touched. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the air was filled with excitement and cheering from spectators.

As the 9-year-old boy, Matthew, swam his way through the open water segment of the triathlon, he suddenly found himself struggling against the current. Fatigue began to set in, and his strokes became weaker with each passing moment. The cheering from the crowd seemed distant, and a sense of panic started to take hold.

Amidst Matthew’s struggle, a Marine, Sergeant James, who happened to be watching the event, noticed the boy’s distress. Without a moment’s hesitation, Sergeant James, still wearing his uniform, dove into the water and swam swiftly towards Matthew. The spectators and fellow participants watched in surprise as the Marine approached the struggling boy.

Sergeant James reached Matthew, offering him words of encouragement and a calm presence. He reassured the young boy that he was there to help him, and together they would finish the swim. With renewed hope, Matthew clung onto the Marine’s strong shoulders, finding the support he desperately needed.

As the pair continued their swim towards the finish line, a wave of admiration and awe swept through the crowd. The spectators applauded and cheered for both Matthew and Sergeant James, deeply moved by the sight of a Marine going above and beyond his duty to assist a young boy in need.

With Sergeant James by his side, Matthew gained confidence, and his strokes became steadier. The Marine’s presence seemed to empower him, erasing the fatigue and fear that had overwhelmed him moments before. Together, they conquered the challenging swim leg of the triathlon.

As they emerged from the water, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause, their appreciation for the Marine’s selfless act echoing throughout the event. Matthew, beaming with gratitude, thanked Sergeant James for his timely intervention and unwavering support.

The remarkable sight of a Marine going out of his way to assist a young boy resonated deeply with everyone who witnessed it. It reminded them of the values that the Marines uphold: courage, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to helping others. In that moment, the true spirit of camaraderie and service shone brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all those present.

News of the Marine’s extraordinary act spread quickly, capturing the attention of media outlets and inspiring people across the nation. The story served as a reminder that the values instilled in Marines extend far beyond the battlefield, touching lives and making a difference wherever they go.

As for Matthew, he completed the remaining legs of the triathlon with renewed determination, carrying the memory of the Marine’s assistance in his heart. The bond forged between the young boy and Sergeant James would forever serve as a reminder of the power of compassion and the impact that one person can have on another’s life.

In the end, it wasn’t just Matthew who was profoundly touched by the Marine’s act of kindness. The entire triathlon community, and indeed people far beyond, were reminded of the extraordinary individuals who serve as Marines and the profound difference they make in the lives of others.