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100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Surprisingly Useful Today

George Santayana, a poet and a philosopher, says that people who do not remember the past will repeat it again. But now, we like to be different. We all do not search for some life trick to simplify our life in the early 1900s. On the contrary, the New York Public Library has actually made 100 ‘How to do it” in a digital form and the producers will put them in the cigarette boxes.

Cigarette manufacturers used to put the cards inside the boxes, in the early 20th century. And people used to collect them, everything from advertisements to celebrity pictures. The UK-founded tobacco company Gallaher cigarettes came to the idea to start using printed life hacks. Even though, cigarettes are not beneficial, we can without any doubt say that these cards for life tricks have been helpful in a lot of cases and have actually helped a lot of people.

So here we have selected some of the best and most practical life hacks that can still be used today.

List of 23 best 100-year-old life hacks that we can use today

People used to receive these photos of life tricks in the cigarette boxes, along with some short instructions, that we have also written for you here.

1. How to cut new bread into thin slices






This amazing trick will help you to learn how to cut new bread in thin slices even though it is a bit difficult to do that. Use hot water to plunge the knife and after hot wipe very fast. You will notice that the hot knife has the ability to cut soft, new bread in thin slices without any difficulty.


E-Cigarettes Cause A Horrible Incurable Disease Called ‘Popcorn Lung’

E-cigarettes had been very popular since they were invented. Many smokers think they are much safer than tobacco, because they were introduced and promoted that way. But as the old saying goes “if it’s too good to be true”.

A study was done about E-cigarettes by the Harvard school of Public Health, and the results are stunning. The study has shown that they don’t cause the traditional threat like tobacco, but something much worse and different.

The chemical that is used in E-cigarettes is called Diacetyl, which cause many respiratory diseases, mostly the condition called “Popcorn Lungs”. This condition firstly was noticed in people who worked in popcorn producing factories in the microwave, where they inhaled the butter flavoring. The disease is very serious, and can be life threatening. This disease causes scarring in tiny air sacs inside the lungs. This may cause shortness of breath and coughing.

“The 39 e-cigarettes had enough diacetyl, for the study to detect these conditions. Other chemicals like diacetyl and also diacetyl, are used not only in e-cigarettes , but in many alcohol flavors, fruit flavors, butter-flavored popcorn, and candy flavored e-cigarettes.”

The research also found out that, this ingredient is also used in cupcakes, cotton candy and other things that many young people find attractive and interesting.

But since e-cigarettes are very new and had been used for a very short period of time, they have developed this disease, and who knows what will they cause in the near future. Elkan Blout, David Christiani were professors of Environmental Genetics, were the authors of this study and they said:

“We don’t know anything about e-cigarettes, since all the health issues are blamed on the nicotine of the e-cigarette. Besides that they contain nicotine, they contain other addictive ingredients and cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde, and as the study shows chemicals that are flavoring but may cause a lot of lung damage.”

It seems like it is not the best solution to grab the e-cigarette and say that you are safe, it is probably better to stay away from an e-cigarette until further researches are done and they develop a new way of use of e-cigarettes. Until then if you are a smoker stick to tobacco.

Here is a video of a man that got devastating results from an e-cigar:


One Of A Kind, A Large, Heavy, Nocturnal, Flightless, Lek-Breeding Avian Oddity


00:10 / 00:18

Here’s What Heavy Drinking On An Empty Stomach Can Do To You

When you combine these two facts with the fact it is also a nocturnal, lek-breeding parrot, it becomes somewhat of an oddity!


Photo Courtesy of docnz / CC BY 2.0

The Kakapo, (Strigops habroptilus), is New Zealand’s largest native parrot. It is flightless, nocturnal, and completely solitary. With only 210 individual birds left, the species low point came in the mid-1990s when there were only 50 birds left after heavy predation mainly due to introduced predators. An intensive conservation effort has brought the species back from the brink of extinction.

Photo Courtesy of docnz / CC BY 2.0

Kakapo are covered in finely blotched yellow-green to emerald green plumage, more yellow below on the belly.

Photo Courtesy of Kimberley Collins / CC BY 2.0

Solitary birds, Kakapo forage on the ground feeding on leaves, buds, flowers, fern fronds, bark, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, fruit, and seeds. They then climb trees at night to roost during the day.

Photo Courtesy of docnz / CC BY 2.0

The breeding season occurs during summer and autumn, after a good fruiting season. Males gather in lek-breeding “arenas,” a series of bowls where they give deep, booming calls to attract females. Sounding something akin to a distant short sonic boom, the sound can carry up to several kilometers.

Photo Courtesy of jidanchaomian / CC BY 2.0

Nests are built on or beneath the ground or under dense vegetation. The female of the species lays 1 to 4 eggs on the ground, which she repeatedly turns over during the incubation period.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Bodie / docnz / CC BY 2.0

Kakapo is still under huge threat from predation from cats, and stoats and their eggs and chicks can be killed by rats. Thanks to a huge conservation effort, their future looks much brighter.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Bodie / docnz / CC BY 2.0


A Bird More Likely To Be Heard Rather Than Seen, Despite Their Vibrant Glossy Violet Coats!

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Source: Onebigbirdcage

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Try The 6 World’s Easiest Exercises For Back Fat And Underarm Flab

One of the most embarrassing part of your body could be the excess fat n your back, and it can make you feel a lot unconfident, it can make you feel very bad for yourself, and you will not feel confident even with some clothing on.

In fact the excess fat on the back and the underarm are considered to be the most difficult part to eliminate fat from. Therefore this excess fat in these areas can cause a mental distress to a whole bunch of people.

But there is no need to panic, because there is an effective way to eliminate the fat from these areas very easy. You need to preform some exercises, and find yourself a diet that is well balanced, that way you will manage to get rid of the extra fat, and make your muscles visible.

But it is of high importance to be aware that you must sacrifice some things and put in some effort to achieve the things that you desire every day, only that way you will see positive results.

Top 6 Exercises to Burn Back and Underarm Fat:

By preforming these simple exercises you will be able to target every single muscle in your upper body. In order to eliminate the excess fat from your back and the underarm, you need to do these exercises for a couple of weeks, that way you will tone your back and your entire arms. And what’s even better about these exercises is that they don’t require any workout equipment to be preformed.

1. Prone Reverse Fly

The smallest spots in the area of your upper back can be targeted very effectively by this exercise.

Lie down on the ground with your face toward the floor, on your tummy, place your arms on the side. Then try to lift your chest and head off the floor. But the other parts of your body should remain down on the floor, and the back of your hands should be towards the ceiling. Also you should be squeezing right between your shoulder blades. You need to do 15 reps, and 3 sets of this exercise.

2. T-Y-I Exercise

Even if this exercise seems very easy, it is able to improve your posture and strengthen your muscles a lot! This exercise will effectively strengthen each back muscle, both lower back and upper back muscles.

T: Lie down flat on the ground, on your tummy, facing the ground. Put your arms on the floor aside, stretch them out and form the letter “T” with your body, make sure your palms are faced to the ground. Then you can elevate them up, by squeezing between your shoulder blades. Hold that body posture for a few seconds and go back in the starter position. Do 20 reps and 2 sets of this exercise

Y: Lie down on the ground, facing the floor on your tummy. Then with your arms and your body form the letter “Y”. Once you’ve done that you can lift your arms off the ground, by squeezing between your shoulder blades. During the exercise, make sure your arms are straight at all times. Do 20 reps of the exercise and 2 sets.

I: Remain in that position, but this time put your arms above your head, extended to the maximum. Once you’ve placed your arms in that position you can lift them by squeezing through the shoulder blades, while your hands still remain straight. The pressure through the shoulder blades should push them in a direction to your lower back. Do 20 reps of the exercise and 2 sets.

3. Superman Exercise

You can target your inner back muscles with this exercise very easily. Take a look at the video below: