Black bear swings from the hammock and enjoys the last sunny days of summer

A North American black bear was seen enjoying the last days of summer as it relaxed in his hammock.

The seven-year-old bear named Chuck lives at Woburn Safari Park in Woburn, Bedford, and has access to the 13-acre sanctuary, shared with five other bears and the Canadian Timber wolves.

Chuck climbed into the yellow rocking bed, where he leaned back and closed his eyes in complete relaxation.

The enclosure is one of the only types of carnivorous mixed in the UK.

Woburn has a total of six bears, three females, and three males, and all bears live beyond 365 days a year.

The bears will hibernate through the cold months of winter.

Black bears are the most familiar and common bear species in North America and often live in forests.

Despite their name, black bears can be bluish-gray or dark green, brown, cinnamon, or even a rare white.

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