There’s a Japanese Dog That Looks Like A Raccoon And The Internet Is Totally In Love With Him

The internet is totally freaking out these days about a cute animal called raccoon dog. You can find this animal mainly in Japan and it’s not related to the raccoons we all know, it’s actually totally different and it just looks a lot like one of them.
There’s a tanuki (the Japanese name of raccoon dogs) who went massively viral in Japan earlier this month, as some pictures of him warming himself next to a little stove were retweeted over 10,000 times.

This is a raccoon dog (or tanuki), most of people mistaken this animal for a classic raccoon, but it actually has nothing to do with it.













This Cute Pet Arctic Fox Laughs In The Funniest Way Ever, And You Really Have To See It!

There is a pet arctic fox in Michigan that just cracks up in response to human laughter and replies with a very familiar sound that will make you laugh hard.
The fox is named Archer and according to ABC News was adopted by Kristina Shafer when it was just a cub.
The cute fluffball is now 4 years old and has this weird habit to respond to human laughter.
“Arctic foxes are definitely not for everyone since they’re not the easiest pet to have, but I did a lot of research and decided they were for me,” Kristina told ABC News, “potty training has not been easy, but Archer has been “so worth it”.



Beer Ad Shows Men Cradling Their Beer Bellies Like Pregnant Moms

Here at Just Something we love wen advertisements get creative, that’s why we couldn’t help but publish this German beer campaign that communicates the message “Brewed with love” in the most unusual way.
and German advertising agency portrayed three men cradling their beer bellies just like pregnant moms-to-be would do in an intimate moment during gestation, to symbolize the passion they put into the brewing of their product, but also the appreciation their clients have for their beer.

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