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Boxer Mike Tyson offers $10,000 to a zoo to fight a gorilla

Although famous people are often eccentric, there is always a line that separates them from being curious personalities to simple spenders, and one of the most well-known characters to cross this line is Mike Tyson, who is once again in the spotlight. when going public with one of his unusual demands.

Mike Tyson has already given enough to talk about in the past for his peculiar hobbies



The alleged animal lover, who is known for keeping a menagerie of exotic pets in his mansion, had an urge to fight a silverback gorilla . Such was his desire that he was even willing to pay to obtain the supposed privilege.

Fortunately, the zookeeper he tried to bribe didn’t take him up on his offer. Apparently, Mike had offered the zoo worker money to enjoy a private, romantic walk with his wife at the time, Robin Givens.

However, the animal lover recently told a story that involved a fight never seen before




However, during an interview, Mike gave completely different statements about the reason behind that meeting.

“I paid the worker at the New York Zoo to let us in after they closed, just me and Robin. But when we got to the gorilla cage, there was a silverback gorilla bothering the others,” said Mike Tyson.

Up until that point in the interview everything seemed normal, but what caused controversy was the comment he made right after.

“He looked very powerful but his eyes were like those of an innocent baby. I offered the worker $10,000 to open the cage and let me teach that silverback gorilla a lesson, but the employee declined the offer,” Mike finished.

The events reported by Mike Tyson occurred in the 1980s, at which time he was in his 20s and had hobbies outside the ring that he himself classifies as extravagant.



Mike Tyson achieved fame at a very young age thanks to his great skill as a boxer




Mike Tyson, who holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title at 20 years of age , began competing as a professional boxer in 1985 and has remained the world heavyweight champion ever since. until the year 1990.

Still, a silverback gorilla is much heavier than any human fighter, as well as having claws. These creatures are faster than the average human and have a very strong bone structure.

It’s lucky that this story only ended as a simple anecdote



In conclusion, Mike Tyson had a stupid idea that could have put him in danger at that time, not to mention that it would have been considered an act that violates and disrespects the rights of animals.

It’s a relief that that worker was responsible enough to avoid a tragedy, share it.