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Neglected cat freed after having two pounds of matted fur removed

We often think of cats as being able to look after themselves. Most cats spend hours outside alone all day and return home only to eat and clean themselves, making them pretty low maintenance.

But some cats have the type of fur that requires grooming and if you don’t stay on top of it, it can get out of control.

In the case of the cat Hidey, her owner was unable to care for her properly and she went without proper grooming for years.

When animal rescuers finally got hold of her, she had so many ;dreadlocks’, she looked like an octopus.

After the cat’s owner, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was taken to a nursing home, they spotted Hidey and called Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center, in Pittsburgh.

Animal experts thought that Hidey had probably been neglected for up to two years. Some of the ‘dreadlocks’ were 6 to 8 inches long.

Jenn Levitzki, a vet that helped to free Hidey from her matted fur and recorded it in a video she posted on Facebook said, “(Hidey has) the worse matting I have ever seen, she has dreadlocks.”

Hidey was sedated for the procedure, to make her more comfortable.

“She suffered from severe matting (dreadlocks, really), the likes of which had been neglected for years,” said a post on the shelter’s Facebook page, according to People.

“Our Medical team shaved off the pounds of intertwined fur from her body &, needless to say, this cat is feeling so much better now!”

Hidey was re-homed with a distant relative of her former owner.

The condition Hidey had could have been prevented with proper care.

This story reminds us of the importance of keeping up with our elderly neighbors and their pets.

Please share as a reminder to keep a look out for our elderly neighbors and family.

If you have elderly neighbors, it is nice to pop in and say hello once and a while – not only to check on them but to see that their pets are okay too.

You never know if they’re struggling unless you ask.

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Riona was cruelly set on fire — after a year of recovery, she’s finally going to her new home

It’s truly unbelievable how cruel some people can be to dogs. A sweet pup named Riona suffered as much as anybody after being brutally set on fire by her owner last year.

But almost exactly a year after that horrific incident, Riona is finally going to her new home.

Last June, residents in Nutbush, Tennessee witnessed a shocking site as Riona, a pitbull mix, ran down the street engulfed in flames. The smell of gas made it clear that she had been intentionally set on fire.

@justice4riona Humans covered her in gas and set her on fire. She was running down the street covered in flames. Yet all she wants to do is to love on everybody! Share her story! #justice4riona #tailsofhopedogrescue #dogsoftiktok #dogrescue #shareherstory ♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

“All you could smell was gas,” Mallory Mclemore of Bluff City Veterinary Specialists told Memphis Commercial Appeal.

“She was burnt and covered in diesel fuel… It confirmed she was set on fire via witness statements,” Ginger Natoli, founder of the Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, told Newsweek. “We have obtained ring cam footage from a neighbor that also shows her running in a ball of flames.”

Riona’s ear was burnt off, but thankfully her left eye was saved after emergency medical response. She was taken in by Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, and received medical treatments at Bluff City Veterinary Specialists. She was given twice daily full body wraps to protect her skin.

A TikTok video of Riona’s story went viral with millions of views, garnering sympathy for Riona around the world.

Riona began a long road to recovery, receiving a series of skin grafts to treat the fourth degree burns all over her body. While she was traumatized by the ordeal, Riona was also said to be in good spirits throughout her recovery.

“She’s just always wagging her tail,” Mclemore said. “That’s what makes it even worse, I guess. Not that it would ever be OK, but just being so sweet and for somebody to do something like this to her. She just loves everybody.”

“She’s actually kind of cute with one ear,” Natoli told the Commercial Appeal. “It makes her personality cute.”

Tails of Hope continued to share updates of Riona’s recovery, and supporters sent in donations and gifts for the dog.

Meanwhile, 43-year-old Quishon Brown was arrested for allegedly setting Riona on fire. Police charged him with misdemeanor assault and two felonies, aggravated cruelty to animals and setting fire to personal property. The case is currently awaiting trial.

According to a Facebook post, Riona’s story also helped a new animal cruelty bill pass in Tennessee.

Months passed, and slowly but surely Riona’s condition improved. And recently, almost exactly a year after she was set on fire, there has been an inspiring update to Riona’s story: she’s finally going to her new home!

Tails of Hope wrote that they would be embarking on an ten-hour road trip to bring Riona to her new forever home.

“Our goal was to get her a forever home, and that’s exactly what we found,” Natoli told the Commercial Appeal. “Riona has other dogs to play with, she has children to play with, she’s got a big yard to play in, she’s got a family that has experience in the medical field and an understanding of what her injuries were.”

“Riona’s story is not coming to an end, in fact it is really just beginning,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “We have all been a part of this miracle, our ‘warrior’ girl.”

In a reminder of how the work of animal rescues is never done, Tails of Hope said that right after Riona left for her new home, they took in another rescue dog who had been a burn victim. “There is always another in need,” they wrote. Now we get to be part of yet another story.”

What a horrible thing for this poor sweet dog to go through, but we’re so happy that a year later Riona is off to her new home!

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Shelter dog leaps over concrete wall to keep her best friend company — leads to happy ending for both

Dogs are such smart and social creatures, capable of making real loving friendships with other dogs. These friendships can be especially important between shelter dogs.

Recently, one shelter dog showed her devotion to her best friend — and it led to a heartwarming end for the both of them.

According to a Facebook post, dogs Linda and Brenda were found as strays together and brought to Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. They proved to be best friends — and quite literally inseparable.

Brenda and Linda were given neighboring kennels, but that distance was still too much for them: one night Brenda leapt over the concrete divider between them to keep her BFF company during the night.

The video went viral after being shared by Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control, who set it to the Mission: Impossible theme music.

The video soon went viral, and the shelter announced that both dogs were up for adoption — and since the dogs were so clearly bonded, they searched for a home that could take both of them in as a duo.

In the meantime, the dogs were relocated to a bigger kennel together.


Perhaps it was the viral fame of the video, but soon these sweet dogs got the happy ending they deserved.

According to Friends of MACC, Brenda and Linda were adopted, together!

“Thank you to all who have shared their story and reached out to us over the last 3 days! We appreciate you!” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

@friendsofmacc Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all of our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them💕🐾#happytogether #bestfriends ♬ Happy Together – Weezer

What an adorable friendship — we’re so glad Brenda and Linda have a new home where they can still be together! ❤️

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Buried in snow, this man films a mountain rescue dog saving him

Dogs possess exceptional bonds with humans, surpassing all other animals. In addition to their remarkable loyalty, dogs fulfill a diverse range of roles for humans, being intelligent, playful, and endearing creatures that enhance our lives in countless ways.

They have been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage physical activity, and provide invaluable assistance to people with disabilities. As the renowned American actor, Will Rogers once said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.”

A recent video uploaded by ‘Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England’, a charity that trains rescue dogs to help those in need in the wild, reaffirms this truth. Among other skills, rescue dogs are trained to search for people lost or buried in snow.

During a training exercise, a volunteer buried himself in snow to simulate a rescue, and the dog named Flo, a 4-year-old rescue dog, demolished the snow wall with her body to reach him. Flo has won people’s hearts with her specialized skills and affectionate demeanor.

Watch the entire moment here:

Rescued from squalor, dog can’t stop smiling for the people who saved her and her beloved babies

On a lifesaving mission, Donna Lochmann set out to rescue four adorable pudgy puppies and their fiercely protective mom, all that were hiding in a backyard with piles of junk nestled in the overgrown grass.

Living in squalor after her humans were possibly displaced by eviction, Donutfest, an adorable dog, turned out to be a fiercely lovable creature with a smile expressing her happiness and gratitude to the woman who selflessly saved her and her babies.

In 2022, Donna Lochmann, the Chief Lifesaving Officer with the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, received a call about a family of dogs who needed help. The animals were spotted by someone who said they were hiding in bushes of large blades of grass and weeds in an overgrown backyard.

Lochmann knew it would be a tricky rescue, with mom’s instincts compelling her to protect her furry little ones.

Some of the puppies were in clear view, one even curled up on an old, tattered sofa but, leveraging her years of experience with the rescue, she knew the lounging little one wasn’t where she needed to start.

Carefully hatching a plan, Lochmann set out to save mom and her brood of cute babies.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’m just gonna try to get mom first because if she’s barking at me, I don’t know what her reaction is gonna be when I start picking up her puppies,’” Lochmann told The Dodo.

Noticing the sad, hungry eyes of the white-furred mom, whose head was scratched up, Lochmann–armed with tools to help her through the rescue operation–cracked open a can of Vienna sausages, luring the starving mother into her car.

Within minutes, the dog–now named Donutfest after Lochmann’s love for donuts–climbed into her car, allowing her to complete the puppy mission.

“Once Donutfest was safe, I started working on finding the puppies,” she said.

The first puppy was huddled alone along a fence, and though she didn’t run when Lochmann approached, she was very vocal in expressing her displeasure.

“She absolutely started screaming,” Lochmann said. “I can’t believe nobody in the neighborhood came out to see what was going on.”

Scanned the yard

After the outspoken puppy was reunited with mom in the car, Lochmann then set out to collect the others.

Scanning the yard, she saw two puppies hiding in the weeds, while the third was still curled up on an abandoned couch.

Familiar with their outdoor home, the puppies did all they could to avoid their imminent capture, two of them running into tall weeds, making it difficult for Lochmann.

But, instead of chasing them, she employed the same strategy that successfully worked with mom. Pulling out a can of puppy food, the smell was just too much for them to resist, and one ended up in her arms.

With Donutfest and three of her four puppies safely in the car, Lochmann only had to save the one puppy, who had left his spot on the couch.

But his little legs didn’t allow him to move too fast, so Lochmann was able to gently pick him up before he was able to gain some speed.

“It took me a while to get the last three puppies,” Lochmann said. “But once I got them all in the car, I was so happy.”

Taking them back to the rescue, the puppies passed their veterinary screenings and went into foster care almost immediately after being rescued.

After Stray Rescue of St. Louis posted photos of the cute, pudgy babies, named Maple Long John, Chocolate Sprinkles, Jelly Filled and Boston Crème, they quickly captured the interest of families wanting to give them a home.

Mom was spayed, and estimating her to be about three years old, the young dog was adopted on the day of St Louis’ Donut Fest in the fall of 2022.

“Donutfest has simply stolen our hearts here at Stray Rescue. This adorable mama was rescued with her puppies at the beginning of October. In that short time, her sweet and sad face transformed into the biggest smile EVER!” Photos posted on Facebook show the sweet creature transforming from sad and defeated, to a happy pup, beaming with happiness and gratitude. The post continues, “You can see how thankful she is now that she has human friends who will show her love.”

The gallery of photos on the Facebook page for the Stray Rescue of St. Louis is both heart wrenching and heartwarming. Every day, the staff work tirelessly, rescuing dogs and cats, who are abused, neglected or left to die in an abandoned home.

There’s been an influx of pets needing homes since the national eviction moratorium expired in 2021 and residents were forced from their homes. It’s estimated that more than 8 million pets were either left behind or living in shelters, which were already at or over capacity. The ASPCA reports that each year, about 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats).

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis offer a no-kill environment to pets, refusing to euthanize because of illness or over population.

“We seek out and take in the animals who no other organization will help or would simply euthanize because they are too expensive to heal,” the rescue writes on its website. “We see beyond their brokenness and are here to pick up the pieces to make these special animals whole again. We see the individual and know that there’s no “one size fits all” treatment plan. The minute they enter our doors, we look in their eyes and promise them ALL the second chance they deserve for health, home, commitment and love.”

Recently the rescue posted x-rays of Owen, a dog, who was beaten and abandoned by its family. The pup is so badly injured that his legs are paralyzed and raw from dragging them when he moves.

On April 28, we met Remo, a young dog who two weeks before had been shot in the leg, the bullet fracturing his bone, which was exposed. On May 17, after fundraising efforts allowed emergency surgery for the innocent pup, the rescue gave us an update: “The next morning, he not only woke up but he was doing great!! He’s spent the last few weeks healing in our clinic.” Adding that Remo is adopted, the post continues, “This boy is going to have the most charmed life with his amazing new parents. And he’ll have them wrapped around his paw in no time with those expressive eyebrows of his.”

We cannot thank you enough for your selfless efforts in helping these innocent animals! We look forward to seeing updates on the adorable cats and dogs you save!

If this story made you smile or even cry, please share it with your friends and help bring awareness to this nationwide problem of homeless, neglected and abused pets.

The ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ fungus looks even creepier than it sounds

The wonders of Mother Earth never cease to amaze us, as exemplified by the astounding giant bats and the menacing “snakes” lurking in a tree. When Regan Daniels, a resident of North Carolina, shared a captivating series of photographs on the Mushroomcore Facebook group, they quickly gained widespread attention. The images revealed an intriguing discovery made by Regan Daniels during a stroll in Western North Carolina back in June 2020. The peculiar sight compelled her to reach for her camera and immortalize the moment, ultimately sharing the pictures with the Mushroomcore community.

The Mushroomcore group, comprising 30,000 members accustomed to awe-inspiring forest imagery and captivating details, found Regan’s photograph to be truly exceptional. So, what was the subject of her encounter? Regan had captured the image of a fungus known as Dead Man’s Fingers (Xylaria polymorpha). These peculiar fungi, with their swollen and darkened “fingers” stretching skyward, aptly earn their name by resembling a buried individual making a desperate last-ditch effort to escape from beneath the forest floor.

In her post, Regan exclaimed, “Saw this Dead Man’s Fingers (or toes in this case) fungus that I literally thought was a Halloween decoration!” While the appearance of this fungus is undeniably striking and distinctive, it is actually quite common and can be found throughout the year. These types of mushrooms are prevalent in various regions, including Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe, and different parts of North America. Therefore, with a keen eye, it is not impossible to stumble upon these swollen and wart-covered “fingers.”

To spot them, one should search on stumps or decaying wood of broadleaved trees, particularly beech trees. The fungus exclusively thrives on dead or dying wood, explaining why Dead Man’s Fingers often emerge through layers of moss and decomposing leaves.

First-Nature states that the fungus, Xylaria polymorpha, is typically not regarded as edible. Regan Daniels made an unexpected discovery of these eerie-looking clusters of mushrooms during one of her visits to a park in North Carolina. Emerging from a stump, these macabre formations were accompanied by a group of other mushrooms of the same species. While some skeptics dismissed the images as fraudulent, deeming them too surreal to be true, it is important to note that these mushrooms are, in fact, authentic. A plethora of captivating photographs showcasing these fascinating specimens can be found online, further validating their existence.

“I found the mushroom in Western North Carolina in the United States at a park that I frequent,” Regan told Bored Panda and added, “The walk is nice [and] it’s next to the French Broad River so there’s a lot of good scenery.”

Despite Reagan’s discovery occurring in a popular location, the examples she found appeared remarkably intact. This is not entirely surprising, as few people would dare to pick these mushrooms due to the perception that they might be toxic or potentially harmful. The mysterious and unsettling appearance of the Dead Man’s Fingers fungus could contribute to the hesitancy in handling or consuming it. Thus, these unique specimens often remain undisturbed, allowing them to maintain their pristine condition in the wild.

Poodle rescued from a puppy mill in basement sees sunlight for the first time ever

So many dogs are kept for breeding purposes only; unfortunately, a lot of these dogs are kept in awful conditions, forced to start breeding from a young age and continuously, so are left unloved and exhausted.

In one particularly heart-breaking case over 150 animals were found in small cages in a cellar, hungry, exhausted and in the dark.

In the video below you can see the moment these poor creatures are rescued.

As one of the rescuers cradles the poodle, you can see her eyes adjusting to the sunlight for the first time; it’s an emotional moment.

The purebred dwarf poodle, later named B.B., looked like she had been bred repeatedly, according to her rescuer.

An anonymous tip led to a raid being carried out on a property near Charlotte, North Carolina, where over 150 dogs were discovered.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) were able to rescue the animals which also included cats and goats.

B.B. was kept in a cramped cage, covered in waste and was underweight.

“She was very tiny, and she looked like this helpless creature,” Jessica Lauginiger, animal crimes manager at HSUS, told The Dodo.

HSUS, with the help of law enforcement officers, were able to shut the puppy mill down and many of the animals were taken to local vet clinic Cabarrus Animal Hospital.

B.B. was unsure of her rescuer at first, a sign that she hadn’t had a lot of human contact, but as soon as Jessica picked her up, she leaned into her.

As Jessica held her outside, you can see this poor poodle’s eyes adjusting to the natural light. She’d probably spent her entire life in a dark basement.

Slept for a week
Brenda Tortoreo, who had worked at the animal hospital, came into contact with B.B. and it was love at first sight.

“B.B. was in a corner,” Tortoreo told The Dodo. “She looked pitiful. She was scared to death. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t drink, and I felt so bad for her. And I said, ‘That’s the one I’m going to take home.’”

Brenda said when she took her poodle home she slept for over a week and her new loving mom worked on fattening her up as she was all skin and bones.

Now this sweet dog is showered with the love and affection she deserves, not to mention more toys than she can handle.

“She’s never had a toy in her life,” Brenda said. “She would be in your arms 24/7 if you let her…and the sad thing is she didn’t know what love was, she didn’t know what touch was…it’s just heartbreaking,” said an emotional Brenda.

B.B. finally got the life that all animals deserve to live – in safety, surrounded by love and enjoying lots of fresh air!

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Homeless poodle’s emotional response to being rescued leaves everyone in tears

Demonstrating the unwavering capacity for forgiveness and love, this touching incident reaffirms the remarkable nature of dogs.

Back in 2014, Annie Hart, a dedicated volunteer from Rescue From The Hart, received an urgent call regarding an injured homeless poodle who had been struck by a car. Alongside another volunteer, Annie discovered the poodle at the roadside – visibly distressed, injured, and covered in dirt.

In such circumstances, dogs often become disoriented and fearful, often attempting to flee. However, to Annie’s astonishment, this vulnerable canine exhibited behavior that exceeded all expectations….

It’s hard to understand how anyone could mistreat an innocent animal, especially their own pet.

Pets are nothing but loyal and loving, and they deserve all the love in the world.

Unfortunately, many people don’t see it that way. Some people just want to have a pet as long as it’s “cute” and “useful.”

When their pet becomes a burden, these people get rid of them.

And that was what happened to a cute little poodle named Layla.

Abandoned and ignored, Layla was found sitting on the street in 2014. Luckily, someone finally decided to act and called for help.

Rather than fleeing or displaying fear, the injured pup’s response moved her rescuers to tears. Fortunately, the entire heart-rending incident was captured on film and when looking at it day, it feels like one of the most beautiful human-dog interactions I have ever seen.

During the journey to the animal hospital, the rescuers decided to give the injured dog a name – Layla. Critically injured, Layla needed surgery and no one knew if she would make it.

But against all odds, she persevered. For two weeks, Layla remained under medical care, while her foster parents, who were experiencing this role for the first time, faithfully visited her, offering love and undivided attention.

Social media is exposing us to both good and bad. Often, we come across news that is difficult to take in and makes us lose hope in humanity.

Other times, like in this story, we are reminded that there is still hope in the world.

It is truly awe-inspiring to witness the incredible resilience and spirit of dogs.

Please share this story with all the dog lovers you know and as a tribute to our animal heroes who work so hard to make our furry friends happy.

Pregnant rescue dog gives birth to a litter of “baby cows”

Pregnancy is one of the most magical times in life, but it can also come with difficulties.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant or care about someone who is pregnant, anxiety and nervousness is never far away.

And maybe it’s the same for animals!

Fortunately, for this golden retriever, she had some animal lovers with her who made sure everything went well after she ended up on the street.

When Rosie the golden retriever arrived at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, she was pregnant and had a big tummy. The volunteers there were relieved that this lovely golden retriever mix was rescued in time to get the help she needed.

Katie and John Black, two big-hearted-hearted doge lovers, took Rosie into their home before the big day.

Since they started fostering dogs, the couple has taken care of more than 20.

This time, they were expecting to meet the puppies in Rosie’s belly.

The couple anticipated a big litter since Rosie was so big. But they didn’t expect what would happen when it came time for Rosie to give birth. They’d never seen anything like it!

Rosie had four beautiful, healthy puppies, but they didn’t look at all like their mother.

“Not quite what we were expecting. Our foster dog and golden mix gave birth yesterday. To baby cows,” Katie wrote on Reddit.

It turned out that the golden retriever puppies weren’t as golden as you would have expected. They looked more like cows!

The puppies were white with black or brown spots.

Everyone who saw the puppies thought it was the strangest thing they’d ever seen. But Rosie and John didn’t skip a beat.

“She is one proud Mama,” Katie says.

Since the puppies looked like a herd of tiny cattle, Katie and John decided give the puppies classic “cow names,” including Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle, and Moo.

And even if they don’t know who the dad is, Katie and John are sure he’s not a golden retriever.

For now, Katie and John are helping Rosie take care of her puppies. Then when the puppies are old enough, they’ll be put up for adoption along with their mom.

In the meantime, Katie and John are having a lot of fun with all the puppies.

The fact that a dog has puppies that look very different from them isn’t as unusual as you’d think. And in particular, mixed breeds often result in special combinations and colors.

“When it comes to non-pedigree dogs, mixed breeds and deliberate crossings of two breeds or the subsequent offspring of mixed crossings-like the Labradoodle and Cockapoo — there is a lot more scope for variance, to the point that the color or other manifestations of physical appearance can be quite variable within the same litter,” writes Pets4Homes.

So the mystery is solved! =)

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2-Year-Old Goes Missing For Days, Man Opens Door And Realizes Pit Bull Had The Little Girl

Two-year-old Charlee Campbell and her dog Penny went missing in Lebanon Junction for nearly two days, and emerged from the woods.

While Charlee returned home safe, the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for answers.

Charlee’s Grandmother Beth Campbell stated that she’s still amazed her granddaughter, who lives with her, is alive.

“Whenever they told me that they had found Mo, Charlee, I was just outside of myself. I was just so happy,” she said.

Petting Penny, Beth stated, “This is our hero right here,” and added that she believes Penny remained by Charlee’s side the entire time she was missing.

“When my dog didn’t come home, and my baby wasn’t home, she was not going to leave that baby until she got here,” she said of the pit bull.

According to law enforcement officials, Penny made it home shortly before Charlee was found several hundred yards away, at a neighbor’s house.

“I can’t even explain how happy that I am that this baby is home, because I love her more than anything in this world,” Beth said.

Wayne Brown, who found Charlee, stated that he’d been on his couch praying for the little girl when he saw a blonde-haired girl in his backyard.

The happy reunion hit Brown in more ways than one.

“My little brother went missing,” he said. “He had wandered away from the home and he had climbed three fences. They found him miles away from the house. It was actually my uncle that found him and he was dead.”

After finding Charlee, Brown gave her water and called 911. However, he still has lingering questions

“They’ve been everywhere. They’ve been all over this place, and how did they not find this child, and she just shows up where the search has been. How does that happen?” he asked.

The Bullitt County Sheriff conducted a foot search from Brown’s Roy Layne Road property, down the hill to Charlee’s house, in hopes of finding tracks or scents (by using dogs) or the answers to solve the mystery.

Charlee’s family stated that she was in the hospital on Saturday morning, but she was doing okay.

Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in June 2018, amid recent reports that show negative sentiments about pitbulls are changing around the country. More on this here: