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15 Animals Who Hit the Genetics Jackpot

1. Moustache Cats 2. That’s a nice wig! Oh wait… 3. A green-eyed angel   Vezi această postare pe Instagram   O postare distribuită de Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat) 4. Colorful 5. Majestic dogs   Vezi această postare pe Instagram   O postare distribuită de Korra & Kiba 🐶 (@huskytwins) 6. Eyes that hold the…

10 Chameleon Babies That Will Make You Fall In Love With Lizards

1. Two baby chameleons reaching out to each other 2. Happy Baby Chameleon 3. Happy Friends 4. A Baby Panther Chameleon Only Seconds Old That Didn’t Realize He Was Out Of The Egg 5. Baby Chameleon 6. Newly Hatched Baby Flapneck Chameleon 7. Newly Hatched Baby Chameleon 8. Cuteness Alert! Baby Veiled Chameleons 9. Excited…

Meet The White And Black Giraffes, The Worlds Rarest Animals (8 Pics)

One thing we can all agree on, giraffes are awesome! They are a symbol of Africa and can be found all over the continent. These creatures are beautiful dressed in their normal skin, but here I present you the black melanistic giraffe and the white leucistic giraffe. #1 #2 #3 #4#5 $6#7#8