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Photos of a cute pig in pink tulips

I usually take pictures of dogs in the wild, but when the opportunity arose to take a picture of a cute pig, I couldn’t resist! We were lucky to find it against the background of delicate pink tulips (pink is her favorite color). Not surprisingly, she gathers a crowd around us wherever we go, and her photo…

An incredible manifestation of people’s love for animals

Animals are incredible creatures, without which it is difficult to imagine life on this planet. They can evoke warm feelings of love and mercy in people’s hearts. They are extremely cute, in some situations they can show the same emotions as people. I have no doubt that animals are also able to feel love, affection. They occupy an important…

The most beautiful species of pigeons in the world

Pigeons, which we see in cities only the tip of a feathered iceberg – there are many beautiful and unusual species of pigeons that you have not seen. To show you what we mean, we have collected photos of the rarest and most fashionable pigeons that you like. Scroll down, highlight your favorites and let us…