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15+ of our smaller brothers who also had a chance to fly on an airliner

Nowadays, it is customary to make a long journey by plane, and the same is true for animals – they are transported on a regular basis with passengers. True, not in the cabin, but in a special, ventilated and heated luggage compartment. But there are situations when everything happens exactly the opposite and the animals take a…

Conquerors of balconies: a dozen funny dogs at their observation posts

Both the wolfhound and the lapdog have a protective instinct. It implies the need to monitor the territory, observe the movements of everyone, for which an overview is needed, preferably circular. Well, where can I get it if you are locked in an apartment? So it turns out that the only thing left for the dogs is to…

15+ birds with a discouraging appearance – nature has tried

As you know, birds descended from dinosaurs, adopted a number of predatory habits from those, acquired feathers and became almost rulers of the living world. And the ruler can do anything, including fancy clothes. So they went to great lengths, who in what garazd, so much so that we are still surprised. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5…