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Thai Woman Uses Turmeric For Her Cat’s Fungal Infection, And The Cat Accidentally Turns Yellow (14 Pics)

This poor cat had a fungal infection

So her owner applied a turmeric scrub to cure it

Supamas was worried about her cat’s infection so she asked her mother for advice. She suggested applying turmeric—an Indian spice and medicinal herb used to treat infections. “My cat Ka-Pwong had ringworm, we did everything to cure it, but nothing worked. That was when my mother had the idea of using turmeric. At first, she painted it on the ringworm but as there was a lot left, she decided to paint the whole body to prevent future mycoses,” said Supamas to Bored Panda.

Unfortunately, the turmeric scrub changed the color of her fur but seemed to have worked

However, once this Indian spice was applied to Ka-Pwong’s distinct white fur, it immediately turned it yellow. Moreover, the problem appeared when it came to washing the distinct color off as it wouldn’t wash off. As her whole body was covered in turmeric to prevent the infection from spreading further, the poor cat turned into a yellow creature. Much like Pikachu from the animated series Pokemon. “My cat may not even know it turns yellow now. Now the cat is cheerful and eats a lot as usual.”

However, the poor cat turned yellow

To everyone’s concern, the owner reassured people that the Indian spice helped to cure Ka-Pwong’s infection. It “reduced itching and not licking the wound area.” However, the treatment shouldn’t be repeated without consulting a vet. Supamas says that she hopes that the color will fade away in 3 months and her fur will change. “I hope the fungus is cured, I still have to hope that my cat will turn white as well.”

Here’s how she looked before and after the turmeric scrub

The owner thought that she looked like Pikachu so she photoshopped a few features onto her photos

Image credits: ตุ้มเม้งแมวแพนด้า&คาพ้วงแมวเชื้อรา


5 Parrots Get Removed From Public View At A Wildlife Park After Teaching Each Other To Swear During Quarantine

Parrots are smart and mischievous animals that are known for their ability to speak and mimic voices. This is also what makes them adorable pets but can also get them in trouble if they learn the wrong words. And this happens with Five African grey parrots adopted by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. They have recently been removed from public view and separated after starting swearing at customers. These parrots taught each other to swear during the quarantine. Luckily, everyone saw it a hilarious situation and nobody was offended.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park adopted 5 parrots namely Billy, Elsie, Eric, Jade, and Tyson in mid-August. However, these newcomers began encouraging the others to curse like sailors while in quarantine together. And this ends up with bad language at customers.

According to Steve Nichols, the CEO of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, the parrots are doing very well after being separated and fit in very quickly as highly social creatures.

These five African grey parrots began swearing at customers, so they were separated and removed from public view. Luckily, nobody felt offended.

Nichols confirmed to Bored Panda that the swearwords the parrots uttered were “very strong”. He added that he’s yet to meet someone who doesn’t regret teaching their parrots to swear.

Nichols said that it isn’t difficult to make parrots forget certain words or phrases: “They will eventually be integrated into a flock of over 200 African greys and hopefully they will have way too much on their minds.”

The staff had hoped that being outside would help the parrots learn to mind their words. Whenever they got a response from someone, this just encouraged them to keep swearing.

“We saw it very quickly—we are quite used to parrots swearing but we’ve never had five at the same time. Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason, these five relish it,” the Nichols told PA.

Now, these parrots are separated and placed in different areas of the zoo so they don’t encourage each other to swear. Even though nobody complained about the mouthy birds, their separation is essential. This helps protect young visitors and hope that the parrots would pick up the natural calls of other African greys.

“People have come to us but they think it’s highly amusing, we haven’t had one complaint. When a parrot tells you to [eff] off, it amuses people very highly. It’s brought a big smile to a really hard year,” Nichols said.

The five African grey parrots aren’t the renowned birds at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. The zoo also has Chico, a parrot who made headlines earlier in September after learning to sing pop songs, including Beyoncé’s 2008 single, ‘If I Were A Boy.’

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park spreads over 650k square feet of Nature Reserve and is the United Kingdom’s premier Animal Rehabilitation Center. It has over 2k residents and is home to The National Parrot Sanctuary which is the largest of its kind in the world. The park has rescued more parrots than anyone in the United Kingdom.

These Animals Sleep So Soundly That We Want To Curl Up Next To Them

We all know sleep is a fundamental part of life. You need it, your pet needs it, and even wild animals need it. Sleep helps animals consolidate memories and learn, which is why animals with larger brains need more sleep than others. Some animals even spend way more time asleep every single day than humans do. However, animals, especially animals in the wild, don’t have sleeping masks or safe and comfortable places to help them get the sleep they need. Therefore, they have to find some ways to help them sleep better in their environment.

Our pets are luckier than other animals because they have happy houses where they can sleep soundly beside loving owners. And if you are a pet owner, we are sure that you really love to see their fluffy friends when they are sleeping. They sleep on their side are very comfortable with their environment and trust their owners completely. For this reason, we have collected the most adorable photos of sleeping animals that will warm your heart and make you want to join them. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. “Her name is Audrey. She is the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen, and she fell asleep in my roommate’s pocket like this.”

2. Room with a view. Oh, the city view looks good too.

3. We can’t take our eyes off this sleeping party:

4. “She was yelling, ’Auntie, he’s squishing me!’ I looked back to find him completely content.”

5. Entering the 11th dream

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6. Nothing should disturb such a peaceful sleeper.

7. Um, maybe we’ll just call in sick.

8. A regular flamingo sleeping party

9. Someone’s gonna be late for work today!

10. How nice it must be to sleep all day…

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11. 2 baby squirrels cuddle as they snooze under a tree.

12. Ugh, it’s Monday again.

13. Has your heart melted yet?

What are your favorite pictures? Please share with us down in the comments section.

10+ Times Animals Met Other Species For The First Time And Had The Funniest Reactions

Meeting someone for the first time can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience, so some of our most memorable moments often come from these meetings, and animals are no exception. If we try to hide their true emotions and make a good first impression, animals will not hesitate to let us know if they don’t like us.

We are in love with animals of all kinds, and what we love even more is to watch what happens when they meet each other for the first time. Thankfully, some people were able to capture those hilarious animal interactions on camera. For this reason, we have collected an adorable list of animal pics to share with you and make your day better. Scroll down to see!

1. You scare me, water doggo!

2. When the first meeting didn’t go well:

3. Nimbus met our dog for the first time. This is her being intimidating.

4. My owl hides behind me when there’s a visitor in the house.

5. “Day 3: They still think I’m a duck.”

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6. This dog probably just had immediate regrets about not getting health insurance.

7. My cat’s reaction to the real bear skin rug my roommate brought home:

8. Knock knock — Hoo’s there?

9. Trying to get into our territory, bra-a-ather?

10. “It’s behind me, isn’t it?”

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11. “The wall climbing sheep is freaking Otis out.”

12. Come down… if you dare!

13. Huskies are the bravest dogs, they said…


14. “What the duck is going on here?”

15. Meet new friends, they said… it’ll be fun, they said.

Do you have pets? Were they ever scared to meet new friends? We are happy if you share your stories in the comments below and add your pictures to the list. Don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends and your family members!

20 pets that changed completely after being adopted

They say that when you live with love in your life, things always turn out much better. And this happens not only in our interior, but also in appearance. Well, someone who loves deeply and is truly loved, definitely looks much more radiant.

This also happens with animals, and there is no greater proof of that than when we rescue a puppy or a kitten from a shelter, and we take it with us to fill it with love and affection, which greatly improves the existence of these cute little animals that deserve to have a better life condition.

When they have no one to protect them, animals suffer. And even homeless fish can experience an amazing change when they find a family to take proper care of them.

To give a demonstration of what we are talking about, we have gathered for you 20 extraordinary transformations of cute animals that were adopted, and now enjoy a healthy life full of affection from their owners, which is greatly noticeable in the improvement they had with their physical appearance.

1) The warmth of his gaze says more than a thousand words.


2) The way his fur grew completely healthy and full of life was simply amazing.


3) His sad eyes were changed by a big smile that he carries everywhere.


4) The difference that being in your new home makes.


5) When you change your life from sadness to one of love and affection, it shows even in the way you walk.

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6) The change of this little friend after a year of being adopted is simply wonderful.


7) Going from severe malnutrition to being completely fit is mind-blowing.


8) Now he has become the king of the house.


9) Although his old owners did not love him because of his crooked face, we do not see any defect in him and neither do his new owners.


10) He went from mistrusting the world to loving people again.

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11) Now you can take your nap completely calm and happy.


12) The glow that radiates after being rescued fills all of us with peace.


13) This fish regained its colors and now shines more than ever in the fish tank of its new owners.


14) The power of love can do simply extraordinary things.


15) Now dress in fashion with a very elegant bib.

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16) He was thrown in the trash and was rescued by a home that filled him with affection.


17) The difference between your first day at home and the current one is completely staggering.


18) All this little friend needed was a good bath and lots of love from his new owners.


19) His eyes shine after being rescued from the streets and having led a very difficult life.


20) Rescued with everything and her puppies. Now live full and happy.

10+ Rules You’ve Got To Learn If You Own A Cat

If you do own a cat, you may already noticed that your life is altered by these silly furry creatures. Although cats are unpredictable, we have found some of the rules they lay out for their owners. And knowing these may help you out of some sticky situations caused by the bad guy that you love. Scroll down for some illustrations of cat rules.

(h/t: brightside)

#1 Cat fur will always stands out no matter what color the shirt is


#2 You must make room for your cat to sleep. And do not disturb them.

#3 Cats love to wreck clean things.

#4 If they stare at the fridge for too long, prepare their food.

#5 Cats can resist a lot of things, and forcing them will get yourself hurt.

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#6 They don’t really care about cleanliness.

#7 Cats will always be hungry.

#8 They love (breaking) expensive stuffs.

#9 They can be sticky at times.

#10 Body curl = sleep length.

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#11 They will always find a way to break your valuables.

#12 They own every box in the house.

#13 Won’t be there when you need them…

#14 Yes, we mean it.

#15 And finally, it’s never their fault. It’s your fault for everything wrong in this world.

10 Pictures Showing That, No Matter What, Cats Will Always Be Cats

Cats’ obsession with boxes remains a mystery. While some guess they like them because boxes make em feel secure, others speculate that it’s their hunting instinct kicking in, and they see box as a perfect place to hide and ambush anything passing by, including your foot.

1. A Quickie

2. Or a Long Slumber

3. Never Too Far

4. So True

5. Ah, the Life!

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6. Size Doesn’t Matter

7. The Pre-sleeping Moment

8. The Fleeting Hours

9. Make Some Space, Will Ya?

10. It’s not about the size

10 Birds That Make People Think Of Aliens Instead Of Animals

There is no limit in nature. It can always fill you with surprises and many people spend their whole life studying it. The world of animals is a part of it and is so interesting. You can find many animals out there whose features can shake the world a little. And this satisfies the curiosity of both kids and adults alike.

This post is about 10 birds that make people think of aliens instead of animals. There are approximately 10,500 known species of birds and 21,000 subspecies of birds in the world. 10 birds in the collection make a name for themselves with unique colors, shapes, and behavior. Mother nature favors them, making them shine in the way they were born. Let’s check them out!

1. Potoo bird

Potoo birds also go by the name poor-me-ones. They are nocturnal and related to nightjars and frogmouths, living in Central and South America. These birds eat beetles, moths, grasshoppers, and termites.

As you can see, Potoo birds do not have bristles around their mouth. It’s interesting that these birds don’t fly but sit upright on tree stumps trying to camouflage in the daytime.

2. King Vulture

King Vultures are vultures and scavengers that gliding in the air searching for dead animals. The legends say that these large birds were named by the Maya people where the vulture was a “king” that carried messages between humans and the Gods.

These birds King can live anywhere from Mexico south to Argentina. They are very useful to our planet because of its eating habits. They help prevent the spread of diseases.

3. Golden Pheasant

The Golden Pheasant is native to central China. However, you may also find these birds in some other countries like Britain, southwestern Scotland, Spain, and France. Golden Pheasants are known as one of the brightest birds and famous for their very long tail. It is interesting that the females can lay 9 to 11 eggs that hatch after 3 weeks.

The Golden Pheasant is the symbol of good luck, prosperity, and good fortune. This bird is additionally good at sensing unusual dangers and threats.

4. Superb bird-of-paradise

Superb bird-of-paradise is a very small bird, approximately 10 in long. These birds can mesmerize humans with their dancing and their unusual appearance.

They were named as a “new” species because they behave very differently from other birds. They have different courtship dances and vocalizations. The female’s appearance and shape are even different from the males.

5. Cock-of-the-Rock

The Cock-of-the-Rock is endemic to South America, living in tropical and subtropical rocky areas. The males of this bird are famous for the prominent fan-shaped crests that they need to attract females.

The males will perform colorful plumage and make various mating calls when it comes to mating. After that, the female herself makes herself a nest in a rocky area, and cares for the eggs.

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6. Hornbill

Hornbills are omnivorous. These birds can eat fruit, insects, and even small animals. Hornbills have short tongues, so they can’t swallow food. Instead, these birds toss it to the back of their throat with a head jerk.

Hornbills are from 1 ft to 3’11″ large. They are known for 2 specific features. One is their eyelashes. The other is their strong neck muscles that make their neck thicker than that of the average bird.

7. Swinhoe’s pheasant

Swinhoe’s pheasant has a very small population these days due to habitat degradation. These pheasants are famous for their blue-purple chest, white nape, red wattles, and white tail and crest, making them bright.

8. Andean Condor

The Andean Condor is famous for its wingspan, over 10 ft long. This stunning bird is also considered the largest flying bird in the world, reaching up to 15 kg heavy and 1.2 m high.

Andean Condors are also the largest Raptor in the entire world. It is interesting that the females only produce one egg every 2 years and the incubation period lasts 54-58 days.

9. Mandarin Duck

The Mandarin Duck is endemic to China and Japan. They are widely considered the world’s most beautiful duck.

Like most of the ducks, Mandarin ducks seek their mate for the season and form new pairs again in the autumn. It’s interesting that the females don’t quack. Instead, they make clucking calls when seeing and feeling danger.

10. Christmas frigatebird

As their name may suggest, Christmas frigatebirds are native to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. People call them pirates as these birds steal food from other birds.

Normally, Christmas frigatebirds live with their mates. The males have a red throat sac that they display to get a mate.

15 Photos Of Albino Animals That Don’t Need Other Colors To Be Extremely Fascinating

Nature gives life to animals and plants with enviable colors we are used to seeing colorful furs, butterflies with peculiar shades, peacocks with colored tails like a rainbow. But even animal species can be born with peculiar albinism. It is a genetic pigmentation disorder that changes the color of the skin or hair, which turns white or pink. Eye color also changes often. While animals with albinism are at greater risk – as albinism means poorer eyesight and a greater chance of being seen by predators – their beauty is unmistakable and these 15 photos prove it.

#1. This little turtle swims with the others, and in the midst of its companions, it is distinguished by its color.

#2. It is difficult to see a white alligator: this person managed to do so and immediately immortalized it resting.

#3. This animal, which looks like a deer, is also resting: its white coat on the leaves seems almost covered with snow.

#4. A beautiful albino python writhes in the trees: with its unusual color, it is hardly scary.

#5. On the contrary, this photo shows an albino seahorse: it is a difficult animal to see up close, but seeing an albino is a real chance.

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#6. Here is a little squirrel: its coat is white but it looks almost striped. It is a real rarity.

#7. This little mouse, with its red eyes, could be scary. But her white coat and small paws make her cuter.

#8. The peacock is famous for its very colorful feathers. Although they are white, it retains all its appeal.

#9. Here is a small albino elephant: it has just been born and it stays close to its mother, who always keeps it under close surveillance.

#10. Here, a family of deer and all of them have the condition of albinism: they look like snow deer.

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#11. Even the penguin can be albino, like many species of animals. And it keeps all its charm.

#12. Does an albino zebra lose its coat patterns? Absolutely not, and this photo shows that the traces remain.

#13. An albino snail: on the outside, you wouldn’t believe it, but its nature is revealed as soon as it comes out of its shell.

#14. Here is a small albino frog: it too has lighter skin, but not white either, and eyes tending to red.

#15. His majesty the lion: he does not have his usual amber color but he is still the king of the forest and his role is not questioned by his color.

It is not the color of the fur, the feathers, or the scales that determine beauty: it is the gestures, the expression, and the elegance. Have you ever seen an animal with albinism?

Dog Left Abandoned and Tied To Tree Finally Found A Loving Home

It’s a heartbreaking reality that many dogs are abandoned by their humans. A beautiful dog was tied to a tree in the middle of a deserted area of Argentina, in Merlo. He had been left without food and water for days, and showed signs of having suffered physical abuse.

For the local residents, who luckily found the puppy in time to save him, there was no doubt. They had left him there with the intention that he would lose his life in total loneliness.

He didn’t allow anyone to come and help him for fear of receiving more mistreatment from humans.

But helping the furry one was not easy. That’s because, after his bitter experience, it was impossible for him to trust humans. So the neighbors contacted an NGO in the same area, lead by Macarena Medina, who coordinates the animal shelter called Zaguates.

By then, the puppy had been tied to the tree for about 4 days. Social networks, under the hashtag @zaguatesrefugio, mobilized to help him and managed to transport him in a car, even though he behaved aggressively to protect himself.

He was so affected by what he had been through that they had to sedate him to help him.

It was then that the former Argentinean soccer player Juan Sebastián Verón, known as “La Brujita Verón”, contacted the animal shelter. He wanted to adopt the puppy, whom he affectionately named Ramón.

To confirm that he was in good hands, Macarena made sure that Sebastián had no children or other pets at home, as well as having previous experience with Ramón’s breed. The former player met each of the adoption requirements and looked forward to the arrival of the puppy in his new home.

The followers of “La Brujita Verón” voted on the name the dog would have.

Great was everyone’s surprise when, upon arriving at the former soccer player’s home, the puppy’s behavior changed immediately. Sebastian received him as if they had known each other forever, and the canine responded to his friendship. He was the right person!

“When he arrived at the apartment, Sebastián received him as if he had known him forever. I was a little tired, but then they went out for a walk and the dog behaved perfectly on the street”, said Macarena.

The relationship between human and dog has not stopped getting better and better. Being the clearest evidence of the pure heart of animals, regardless of the breed in question.

“The gratitude of a dog can be seen in this bulldog. A dog that was mistreated, thrown away to die, now you see how he fills Verón with kisses”, said Macarena.

Now he can finally be happy.

Share this touching story with a happy ending with all your friends. And help raise awareness about animal adoption.

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