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South African Lions Take Advantage of Lockdown and Nap Out On the Empty Road

You know how your local cat likes to sleep just about anywhere and everywhere? Apparently the same can be said about wild big cats, just like these lions.

Sooner or later, the animals were going to notice that the humans had disappeared and in South Africa’s Kruger National Park lions have taken advantage.

It was South Africa’s Kruger National Park’s park ranger Richard Sowry who first spotted the tigers napping on the roads.

Big cats would usually only be seen by rangers on the roads by night.

How were the pictures taken?

As a ranger in one of Africa’s largest game reserves, Mr Sowry performs an essential service and continues to work during the lockdown, checking on the wildlife and guarding against poachers.

While driving near Orpen Rest Camp on Wednesday afternoon, he spotted the lions on the road ahead and pulled up just five metres (5.5 yards) away to look at the unusual phenomenon.

As he took photos with his mobile phone, the lions did not seem bothered, most of them apparently fast asleep.

“Lions are used to people in vehicles,” he explained. “All animals have much more of an instinctive fear of people on foot, so if I had walked up they would never have allowed me to get so close.”

The oldest lioness in the pride is about 14, “which is very old for a lioness”.

“Everybody realises the importance of the lockdown and the rangers are there to do their normal duties,” says media officer Isaac Phaala. “To maintain the infrastructure takes quite a bit of work so that when the park opens, you don’t start from scratch.”

As for the lions, he adds, “normally they would be in the bushes because of the traffic but they are very smart and now they are enjoying the freedom of the park without us”.

But why anyway, you might ask, would lions prefer tarmac to the softness of grass?

Probably for the simple reason that it had been raining on Tuesday night and, as Mr Phaala explained, “The tar was drier than the grass at the time – big cats and water don’t mix.”

Clever Little Hummingbird Builds a Home With a Roof

There are only a few constructions in nature that can provide a sense of coziness and warmth quite like bird nests.

If you take a look at these nests, you can see the intricacy and craftsmanship required to build them. These treetop homes are built with love and care by birds to raise their babies.

This particular hummingbird momma found an ingenious way of making her place even cozier, (scroll down to see how)

Conservationist Bianca Caroline Soares, who observed this special nest and took the photos, is no stranger to seeing hummingbird nests perched on branches in the jungle near her home in Paraguay.

But on a particular walk last Spring, she spotted one unlike any she’d seen before.

This nest had a roof.

Needless to say, Soares was impressed.

“I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious,” Soares said.

Thanks to the shade and rain cover provided from that leafy roof, this hummingbird’s home was easily the nicest in the neighborhood.

And it turned out to be a great place to start a family, too.

Soares continued to visit the clever bird’s nest, observing the tiny family that she’d built the nest for in the weeks and months that followed that first sighting,

“She had two hummingbird babies,” Soares said, and on the hottest days, those babies surely benefitted from their mother’s thoughtful planning with the shade protection.

Soares said she hopes the little mom’s thoughtful planning will inspire people to take better care of nature.

The hummingbird’s thoughtfulness most definitely helped her own tiny family. With time, all her babies grew strong enough to set out on their own.

Hopefully, they took a lesson from the design of their childhood home when it comes time to build their own nests.

Blue parrot known from the movie ‘Rio’ is now officially extinct

A new study by BirdLife International revealed that at least eight bird species have disappeared in the last years. Among them also the blue parrot, so well known from the movie ‘Rio.’

In the successful animation movie the parrots fought for their survival as Blu flies all the way from America to Brazil to find Jewel, the last female of its species. The two fall in love and they have a baby in the happy ending story. Unfortunately in real life Spix’s Macaw parrots did not make it.

While many of bird extinctions occurred on solitary islands, the most recent ones were in South America, the study reveals. That shows the dramatic impact of deforestation in those areas. According to the Red List of Endangered Species, about 187 bird species have disappeared worldwide since 1500. The causes of this rapid decline include the introduction of invasive species, hunting and deforestation, as reported by the organization in Cambridge, UK.

Nowadays, the huge urban areas expansion and global warming put an extremely pressure on wildlife with many animals forced to adapt or to extinct.

As about the blue parrots who have bright blue plumage are officially extinct in the wild. However, some exemplars are living in captivity.

10+ Adorable Photos Of Baby Yak That Can Cheer Anyone Up

The baby Yak was born with a sense of humor. They can spread positive and happy vibes to humans around them. Their face is incredibly cute, even when they try to convince humans that they’re strong and mad. And this successfully steals our hearts.

And, here are 15 adorable photos of baby yak that can cheer anyone up. If you are looking for animal photos that can boost your mood right away, these are right up your street. Who can resist the super cute face and innocent eyes of animals? I know that I can’t. Scrolling down and you won’t stop smiling at these furry guys. People can’t get enough of their cuteness.

1. “I think that I should get a haircut. It covers my eyes when eating grass. But this makes me look incredibly cute. Is it true?”


2. “This is how black and white combine. Do I look cool?”

3. “Do you want to take a photo of me, human? Ok, I’m ready to be your model.”

4. “Huh, I know that I’m incredibly cute. All humans around me said that.”

5. “The weather is perfect to hang out with friends.”

6. “I always love hanging-out time with my family and friends. There is so much fun when staying with them.”

7. “Do we have to act like this for the pose, hooman?”

8. “The fluffy hair is what makes us stand out. Just love it.”

9. “Nice to meet you, hooman.”

10. “You are wondering how I get my white hair, right? My mom said that I was born with it and I also love it.”

11. “No one comes to pick me up for a walk on the field.”

12. “Just love kissing my hooman.”

13. “Where is everybody? They come back home without me?”

14. “Fluffy!”

15. “Nice to meet you, hooman.”

She Drove 1,500 Miles To Adopt The Dog Who Spent 4 Years In The Shelter

You may remember the sweet pup we featured last month who had been dumped at the shelter on Christmas Eve in 2015. Well with the help of those of you who shared his story, his future adopter read his feature on iHeartDogs and knew she could be the one to change his life.

After waiting patiently for his forever home, Bernard finally got his happily ever after! In what seemed like fate, Kathy Ahern came across an adorable face on her Pinterest feed that tugged at her heart. Once she read Bernard’s story, she had an overwhelming urge to help the poor pup who had spent most of his life in the shelter.

With recently losing her two beloved dogs, Chubsy and Fluffy to old age, her heart was beginning to open up to the thought of welcoming another dog into her life. Though Bernard’s story sparked a special interest, she took some time to simmer on the thought of actually adopting him.

Bernard was in a shelter in Texas that was about 1,500 miles away from her home in Florida, so this decision would consider some serious thought. Even with considering the logistics of this journey, she could not stop thinking about sweet Bernie.

Kathy was not sure why, but each time she looked at Bernard’s sweet face, her late dog Chubsy would come to mind.

“It’s like I could see Chubsy in his eyes. I felt like Chubsy was telling me I needed to do this.”- Kathy

After a week of contemplating this decision, she finally made the call to the Bulverde Area Humane Society.

At first the shelter was a bit hesitant to send Bernard to a home that was so far away. They had all grown to love Bernie like their own over the last 4 years, so they wanted to make sure he was always close enough to receive help if needed. After the shelter operator spoke with Kathy in length about her love of animals and dedication to her dogs, he knew Kathy was the perfect match.

Soon after that phone call, Kathy set out on a 4 day long adventure to bring Bernard home.  Once she finally arrived at the shelter and met the dog of honor, every single mile and obstacle was worth it.

Below is a snippet of the last installment of Brainstorming with Bernard, which was a blog created in an effort to raise awareness of Bernard’s time at the shelter, written in “Bernards voice”:

“Today’s weather is warmer; or is that my heart that feels warmer? I’m a bit confused so I look around to see if I can figure out what is going on.




My big, brown eyes spot her eyes and I see nothing else around me. She is like an angel and she is walking towards me! I can feel love radiating from her! Is she REALLY coming towards me?
My heart is melting. I truly believe that this is my person. I can feel it! Okay, hang on, she really wants to see me!

I’ll be back to tell you how it goes.”

Bernard has now been in his home for a couple weeks and is finally starting to settle in. Bernard has definitely shown evidence of his life at the shelter, as he doesn’t quite understand play time with toys or the juicy steak treat his new mom offers him, but Kathy is giving him all the time and patience that he needs.

Kathy even brought a dog trainer into her home to help her better understand Bernard and help him settle in well with his other furry siblings.  There is no doubt that Bernard hit the jackpot with this loving home!

We cannot wait to watch Bernard continue to blossom in his new home. Thank you to Kathy for going out of your way to change Bernard’s life, and to the staff at the Bulverde Area Humane Society for refusing to give up on this lovable pup!

Lost Dog Cries Out With Joy While Reuniting With Her Worried Mom

They’d missed each other so much ❤️

For three long and worrisome weeks, this sweet dog named Liddie was missing from home. Her owner, Kirstin Kapp, was devastated.

“I don’t really know how to cope,” Kapp wrote in a post at the time. “A part of me is missing and there’s nothing I can do about it. I love you so much my sweet girl. Please come home.”

Liddie’s heart was broken as well — but thankfully, their hearts wouldn’t stay that way forever.

It’s unclear exactly where Liddie had spent those weeks away, but 21 days after going missing, she was found by a couple who’d evidently gotten word that she belonged to Kapp’s family. They were able to track Kapp down at the vet clinic where she works — all leading up to their long-awaited reunion.

Kapp was in tears as Liddie leaped into her arms, crying out in joy to be back where she belongs.

Here’s that heartwarming moment on video:

“You got your people back!” one of Kapp’s colleagues can be heard saying.

Later, Kapp posted another video of the reunion taken from a different angle:

@dogmom616♬ original sound – user3695237388453

Liddie and Kapp couldn’t have been more overjoyed to once again be in each other’s arms.

Dogs like Liddie may not be able to use words to articulate the affection they have for their people, and how much it pains them to be away. But as touching scenes like the one above prove, the language of love requires no translation.

Puppy does not forget his mother even after 4 years of her death

The love of dogs is unconditional and for life, it is no longer necessary to show that they are man’s best friend and that they always give reasons to love them. Stories like the following show the bonds that some animals create with their family; they are so strong that even death cannot break them.

Benito is a sweet little dog who does not forget his mother, and continues to visit her in her grave, even after being 4 years old. For Benito, it is as if time had never passed, he refuses to accept it and that is why every time he visits his grave, he becomes very happy.

Little dog doesn’t forget his mom

When he reaches his mother Joha’s grave, he lays on top with contagious peace and doesn’t get up until it’s time to go.

This moving story has gone viral after Joha’s sister, Belén, posted a video on her Twitter account .

The young woman from Villaguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina, accompanied the publication with a moving legend that excites all Internet users.

Belén said on Twitter :

See this unconditional love. Joha is my sister, she passed away 4 years ago and he is Benito, her pet, who accompanied her for the last 2 years of her life and continues to do so today ».

The images contained in the video show different moments shared between Joha and her beloved dog in the short time they were able to live together.

There are photos of Benito’s arrival at the home, toasts, parties, naps and funny anecdotes, like once he was taken hidden to the hospital.

The family commented in an interview with LA NACION :

This time it was a surprise. She was hospitalized and always asked about her ‘son’. We knew how much he needed it.

However, one scene in particular was the one that moved and captivated everyone who was able to watch the video on social media. Benito can be seen eager to get to the cemetery, leaning out of the car window, and then, upon arrival, he runs through the holy field.

When he reaches his mother’s grave, Benito gets excited, barks and then demands to be lifted up so he can get closer to his beloved Joha. Afterward, the little boy is seen leaning on the coffin, in what appears to be a full acknowledgment of his best friend and mother.

The family assured that in reality he was like their son, and in the short time they shared, they gave each other pure and unconditional love.

In no time, the video already had millions of views and thousands of comments.

Bethlehem wrote:

“They are the most wonderful beings that exist, simply because they are the only ones who give their unconditional and eternal love.”

Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, Joha died on April 7, 2016 at the age of 25, after suffering a stroke. She was an agricultural technician and was studying a degree in biology, she had been born with heart problems, but she had a normal life.

Isamel, Joha’s father, said:

“She was missing her left ventricle. When she was one year old, they operated on her and at five, they did what is known as ‘the corrector’. From there, he had a normal life, but with its complications.

The family commented:

«The first time he did what you see in the video, we cried. He always asks that we pick him up and when he is there he is very calm. What’s more, he never wants to leave.

Benito is not willing to forget his mother and will continue to show all his love for her, every time he visits her in the cemetery.

Abandoned Puppy Finally Finds Comfort With Human Baby

A little boy named Ian and an adorable dog named Callie are best friends. They grew up side by side, and they’re about the same exact age. Their special bond started when they were both only 3 months old.

When Callie was just a puppy, she was abandoned by her first family. She was left tied to a fence all alone. She whimpered for help until a kind man came to the rescue. He adopted the little puppy and brought her to meet 3-month-old Ian. Callie and Ian hit it off right away, and their family has an adorable video to prove it!

Callie’s new family never knew the truth behind her past, but it was clear that she wasn’t treated properly. When they brought Callie into their home for the first time, she didn’t even know how to lie down. She seemed incredibly sleepy, but she was just too scared and stressed to rest properly. However, that was before she met Ian.

A Baby and His Dog

Callie’s new parents placed her right beside baby Ian. Ian was fast asleep on a cute dinosaur blanket, so his parents figured Callie could nap with him. They started recording Callie and Ian’s initial interactions to see what would happen.

At the start of the video, Callie refuses to take a peaceful nap. She sits upright, trying her best to force herself to stay awake. Her eyes keep slowly drifting closed, but she always wakes herself back up before she can fully fall asleep.

Finally, Callie gets adventurous. She moves to the other side of the blanket, closer to Ian. She slowly scoots next to the sleeping baby until she finally decides to get some well-deserved sleep. Then, she curls up right beside him and rests her head on top of his head.

For the first time since she arrived at her new home, she looks completely comfortable. It’s clear that the little dog and the young baby are destined to be best friends. Their parents are so grateful that they were able to catch this heartwarming moment on camera.

Where Are They Today?

True best friends stay side by side for their whole lives. So, 3 years later, Ian and Callie’s mom decided to post an update video about the two of them. Sure enough, they are still extremely close.

In the video, Ian wants to give Callie a treat. The now full-grown dog gets excited when she sees a dog cookie in the young boy’s hands. She comes over to him and he tells her to sit.

After Callie sits on command, he hands the treat to her. She gently takes it from him, careful not to hurt him in any way. Then, he repeatedly tells his best friend what a good girl she is.

There’s no bond like the relationship between a kid and their dog. Callie and Ian make that very clear in both their videos. They’re so lucky to have each other, and hopefully, they will always stay such good friends.

You Can View The Original Video Below:</h2

After Almost 6 Years In A Shelter, Billboard Gets Dog Adopted

As a puppy, 6-year-old Merrick was abandoned at a garage sale. He had a huge abscess on his face and needed corrective surgery. Right from the start, the poor boy faced a lot of hardship.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t smooth sailing from there at all. Brought to the Kansas City Humane Society, Merrick waited and waited for someone to take him home for good. He waited there for over 5 years.

Merrick spent more than 2,000 days living at the Kansas City Humane Society. His need to be the only animal in a home and the fact that he lived most of his life in a shelter deterred many potential adopters. Small children make Merrick uncomfortable since he has such limited exposure to them, and he has a lot of strength and energy which can bowl over young kids.

“Merrick is an athletic guy and his playing style is pretty vigorous. It’s all in good fun and he’s never been aggressive with people, but he does play hard!” –Merrick’s Petfinder page

Still, Merrick’s playful personality and desire to love should have been enough to get him adopted. For over 5 and a half years, it wasn’t.

At long last, Jordan Nussbaum and his girlfriend Amy adopted Merrick on March 4th, 2020.

“It was love at first sight. What they wanted was someone without kids who had a lot of energy to keep up with him because he’s a huge dog. But he’s still a puppy.” (The Guardian)

The shelter staff and volunteers all lined up to see their longest resident join his new family. They had made celebratory signs and brought balloons.

Many teared up as he jumped in the back seat of his new car, as did I when I watched the sweet video of his departure:

A Billboard Finally Did It

Merrick endured dozens of photo and video shoots as part of a social media campaign to find him a home. People shared the dog’s story far and wide, yet the years went by without him being adopted.

The campaign didn’t seem too successful until a kindhearted benefactor really stepped up to help. Scott Poore funded a $3000 billboard displaying Merrick’s photo. Poore owns Mission Driven, a Kansas-based clothing company that offers supports to animal shelters.

“You have spent your entire life living in an animal shelter, but that’s all about to change. By the end of this upcoming week we will have a billboard with your face on it and thousands of people well learn your story. You may be homeless, but you have a small army of supporters behind you and I promise we will find your hero. Every shelter pet has a hero and I’m positive we’re going to find yours! 1700 days and counting…” – Scott Poore, Mission Driven via Facebook

The billboard went up at the end of November, 2019. The plan was to move the billboard to a different location in Kansas City every week and maximize exposure. Via Mission Driven’s Facebook page, Poore emphasized how much it meant to him to get this dog out of the shelter.

“I’ve tried just about everything over the last four years to find this beautiful boy a forever home and I’ve had no luck. He spent his entire life in the animal shelter and I refuse to let him enter 2020 still being homeless. He is my #1 priority.”

Thanks to the billboard, thousands of people saw this good boy’s face every day.

“It’s unbelievable it was this hard of a process. We were telling the same story to the same audience for those five and a half years but when Mission Driven bought the billboard we reached a whole new audience.”

The giant ad really turned out to be an effective tool. The billboard in Kansas City and picture of Merrick caught Nussbaum’s eye. He convinced his girlfriend (though it surely wasn’t hard) they had to adopt this dog. The rest is history!

Home At Last, Forever

The Humane Society shared on Facebook how thrilled they are for Merrick, despite being sad to see him go.

“Merrick found his perfect match—his new mom and dad, Jordan and Amy, are everything he has wished for and more! We could not be more happy, excited, proud, or thankful to everyone who shared his story.”

To my observation, they seem pretty right about this family being his perfect match. Nussbaum gushed to Good Morning America about his loving new dog.

They’ve even set up a Facebook page for Merrick so his fans can follow his happy new life updates!

It’s hard to believe a dog like this spent even a day in a shelter, let alone years. Still, we can all rest happy (after wiping these joy tears away) knowing how great Merrick’s life is from now on! And it helps to know how many people like Poore really care.

Furniture store makes sure homeless dogs have a cozy place to sleep

Dr. Cem Baykal, a resident of Istanbul, passes by the same furniture store every day on his way to work; For six years he has been doing the same routine, and every time it passes, he always sees two homeless dogs perching in front.

Apparently, the two dogs have always been best friends, so they are always together and with mutual support they survive adversity.

The Istikbal Mobile store is dedicated to selling products for the home such as mattresses, sofas, sheets, curtains and beds. But what is really striking about the business is that its owner has a soft spot for these homeless animals that live in the area and decided to improve their lives.

Furniture store leaves mattress for homeless dogs

Although homeless animals have many needs, this man wanted to help them a little so that their nights are more comfortable and they can rest.

Cem told The Dodo :

“The owner of this business puts a mattress with a plastic cover in front of the store.”

The mattress is placed on the sidewalk, and the two little dogs always come there to sleep and rest as they deserve. The business owner is always willing to help them however he can, and apparently the dogs are very grateful to the kind-hearted man.

Cem added:

“If it’s winter, the store offers them a bed every day. And if it’s summer, they give them shade and water.

Thanks to the man, these two dogs do not have to spend the nights on the sidewalks of the streets and endure the cold winter. The dogs are well known in the area and the neighbors give them food, since they have been roaming these streets for a long time.

Although all the neighbors help the dogs so that they never lack food, the owner of this business goes further.



According to Cem, the area where the dogs are is characterized by being a wealthy sector, so everyone gives food and water to homeless animals. But no one cares about providing them with a place where they can take refuge or that they can at least spend a comfortable and quiet night.

Cem said:

“This store does.”

One day, Cem passed by the puppies sleeping on the mattress protected from the rain and cold, and decided to take a photo. The man wanted to post the photo of the sleeping dogs on Twitter , with the intention of thanking the owner of the store.

When he posted it, some people questioned the cleanliness of the mattresses, but most users congratulated the noble act of the warehouse owner.

After a few days, Cem stopped by the store to see how the dogs were doing, and found that they were fine. Despite bad weather and heavy rains, the dogs rested comfortably on the mattress, and they know that in this place they will always be safe.

Cem commented:

«We had a very heavy rain in Istanbul, I greeted my friends on the way to the hospital. The store was closed but the bed was still there. The sloth was still sleeping, but his friend was awake and accompanied me to the crosswalk for my safety ”.

Without a doubt, a simple gesture of kindness can change the life of a homeless animal, and they will surely be forever grateful .