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Dog adopts some small possums who lost their mother

In Brazil, a dog adopted a litter of opossums that had lost their mother to a dog attack. Fortunately, Stephanie Maldonado found the babies on time and together with her dog Petrinha they took care of them.

At the beginning, Stephanie contacted a wildlife rescue group to take in the little ones who still hadn’t opened their eyes; Unfortunately, the rescue center did not have space to receive them, so the woman took care of her.

The young needed to be fed every two hours, they were very small and had not yet opened their eyes.

Dog adopts little opossums

Stephanie was worried about whether they could survive without a mother to care for them 24 hours a day. At that moment Petrinha intervened to help.

From that very moment the dog took charge of taking care of the opossum babies as if they were her own.

Stephanie wrote on her Facebook account :

“The possum puppies are nursed and warmed by my 4-legged daughter Pretinha. It’s beautiful to see how careful she is with them, licking them all the time and cuddling them!”


Even though Petrinha is spayed and unable to produce milk to nurse the babies, she did her best to help the pups survive. The little possums saw her as their mother and sought her attention every moment of the day.

The little dog accepted them in such a way that she allowed them to climb on her back for nice walks just like a mother possum would in the wild.

Since Petrinha took over the care of the little Opossums, they gained weight and developed normally thanks to her care, the surrogate mother was proud of her little ones.

The possums remained in the care of Stephanie and Petrinha in the hope of being released back into the wild, not forgetting of course the love and care of their surrogate mother.