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Dog Convinces Her Owner To Rescue Her ‘Twin’ And The Two Become ‘Best Friends’

If you saw another human who looked exactly like you, wouldn’t you want to meet them? When Bethany Coleman saw a dog that looked identical to her own dog, whom she happened to be walking at the time, she felt compelled to rescue the furry doppelganger.

Bethany was headed to the local farmers market with her dog, Rogue, when they first saw Beast. Beast was at the market with the Last Hope K9 Rescue. The organization is located in Boston, Massachusetts, which was close to Bethany’s home at the time. Its main goal is to help keep animals healthy and to also help make animals as happy as possible. The animal rescue organization regularly holds adoption events at the farmers market, but Bethany had never noticed Beast before.

When Bethany first saw Beast, she had no intention of adopting another pet. She already had two senior cats and Rogue, but her boyfriend had mentioned wanting to adopt another dog.

While the saying is that a dog is a man’s best friend, it’s safe to say that this dog in particular was friendly with everyone – especially her furry doppelganger. It came as a complete surprise to Bethany, but it wasn’t even the most surprising part of the day.

Then something unexpected happened. Rogue, who was normally shy around other dogs, started playing with Beast. The two cairn terrier mixes bonded instantly, and Bethany couldn’t help herself – she filled out the adoption application right there at the market.

Bethany and her boyfriend, Tyson, welcomed Beast into their home.


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When Bethany first came across Beast, she couldn’t help but notice that he was almost identical to her beloved dog Rogue. Speaking with Bored Panda, she said, “They’re both cairn terrier mixes, Rogue’s mom was a lab/pit mix and her dad a cairn and with Beast we’re just not sure, it just has cairn mix in his paperwork but we think he’s mixed with Basset due to his body type. He looks like a pig and has even been mistaken for a pig a couple times.”

It was love at first sight. “I just instantly fell in love with him,” Bethany said. “He was Rogue’s twin! They also got along and immediately started playing with one another.”

The dogs are now inseparable. The two cats eventually came out of hiding. Bethany said it took about four weeks for everything to calm down, but she couldn’t be happier with her decision to welcome Beast into their lives.

Of course, there are some challenging moments at times, but the family takes in everything with a smile. “It’s funny to watch when we give them treats,” Bethany said about Rogue and Beast. “Halfway through whatever it is they’ll switch and go for each other’s toy. But at heart, they’re best friends!”

A few months after adopting Beast, the entire family moved from Beacon Hill, Massachusetts to Hawaii. Rogue and Beast might have liked frolicking in the snow, but they definitely love running on the beach and splashing in the waves.

We bet Beast never expected to go from being a shelter dog to a jet-setting pampered pooch that lives in Hawaii!




Vezi această postare pe Instagram


O postare distribuită de Rogue and Beast (@rogueandbeast)