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Dog left to fend for herself waits in the same place for her family to come back for her

The canine refused to leave the last place she shared with her handlers.

In the following story you can see how all cases have a particular tint. And it is that this dog was waiting for his owners to return for him without any success. Every time someone approached him he displayed a negative attitude.

The dog was not only in a place that was difficult to access, but she did not want to be removed from the place where she hoped to see her owners again. So Hall devised a strategy that could work. He offered the dachshund canine to come closer, but was unsuccessful.



Suzette Hall is an experienced rescuer who has had the opportunity to give hundreds of abandoned or abused dogs a new home. Each experience is unique and you have its challenges linked to the personality of the canine involved.




“She was very (afraid) of people, people would try to go sit with her, or walk past her with their dogs, and she would just bark at them,” Hall said. Getting her into the cage to move her to a shelter was difficult.



After hours of trying to catch the canine, they were unsuccessful . Hall decided to leave the cage at the construction site overnight and return first thing in the morning to try again. When he returned the conditions had changed.





He set up the cage and pretended to leave , Hall said. “I drove down the street and then I saw her get up and start circling.” Finally, the dog entered the cage and was taken to a shelter so that she could be taken care of.



“Once I got her out, I was very (scared) . She was frozen like a cake. But it was very sweet . So I spent a lot of time with her, just petting and rubbing her,” Hall said.




“We call her Bella . She looked like a Disney princess to us . That little construction sign no longer has to be her home . Hers. And she doesn’t have to wait any longer,” Hall said. A story that ended with a happy ending.




Currently, Bella is living in a vet waiting for a family that wants to give her a forever home.