In her garden, a woman has created a small bed for squirrels – Step Creeper

As animal enthusiasts, we get a kick out of seeing adorable animals on miniature human furniture. Therefore, when a few photographs of a small squirrel inspecting a tiny bed were posted on the internet, they quickly gained widespread attention and went viral. People couldn’t get enough of the photographs, as well as the squirrel’s adorable appearance.

Sharon Cutler, a landscape photographer, based in England, designed the miniature bed for children. She originally made the bed as a prop for some photographs of her daughter’s guinea pig, which she later used as a bed for herself. However, after observing several squirrels in her backyard, she decided to redesign the bed and give it a wonderful present.

After constructing the bed with small linens, she placed it in the garden hoping that her fluffy-tailed visitors would like it and perhaps even take a nap there while they were there.

One day, Cutler observed a squirrel scurrying about on her property. The man was fatigued and in need of a nap after spending the better part of the day exploring the garden for nuts. Cutler’s design, on the other hand, appeared to be the perfect and most comfortable place for him to lay his paws.

Cyril was the name Cutler gave to her first guest. As Cutler described, Cynthia the squirrel was exhausted after a long day in the garden. “So it was time for him to say his prayers, plump up his pillow, fluff up his quilt, and crawl into bed,” says the author.

Even though the squirrel did not nap on the little bed, the photographs taken during his visit to the tiny bed are charming and endearing. “I enjoy taking pictures of squirrels—characters with such a cheeky and naughty disposition.

There’s nothing quite like witnessing animals in their natural habitat on small replicas of human furniture.


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