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Kangaroo shakes hands with his rescuer after being rescued from a frozen lake

In Australia, a kangaroo was rescued from icy waters by two people who were nearby. The heartwarming rescue was documented by David Boyd, who at the time was on the phone with the government in Canberra about the frightened animal.

The video shows the two men slowly approaching the shy shivering kangaroo. According to Metro UK , both men cautiously approached from two directions with arms outstretched.

They asked the frightened animal to approach them, but the kangaroo turned its head fearfully and remained static inside the frozen Lake Burley Griffin.

Kangaroo shakes hands with his rescuer after being rescued



As soon as the first man approached, the kangaroo pushed him away and kicked the water away. The second man cautiously approached afterward to help lift him to a safe location within the boardwalk.

As many passers-by watched the scene around him in fascination, a third man joined in to help calm the marsupial.



As an adorable gesture of thanks for the help he was offered, the kangaroo extended his hand to one of his rescuers as a token of gratitude for all his effort.

David thinks this was his way of thanking them for saving him from the freezing water.



The man wrote on his social networks about the emotional moment and together with the publication of the video on his Facebook account , he said:

“This was my morning, alone in Canberra, congratulations to these folks, the guy wearing the Soldier On Top is a Navy Clearance Diver, good news, the kangaroo is fine.”



Many people who have seen the video on the Internet have praised the actions of these good people, and we all hope that the adorable kangaroo is safe, and although these actions are to be admired, of course we must remember that kangaroos injured, sick or with afraid they become defensive if approached and can be dangerous.

It is always advisable to call the authorities to help in these cases.