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Maisy The Barn Is A Fictional Character. Hippo Is A Farm Dog And Instagram Star Who Is Loving Her New Life


Surprisingly, Maisy the Barn Hippo isn’t a hippo at all. Maisy is an adorable pit bull that assists her dog mom, Marisa Elgbert, with barn tasks and horse care. After seeing Maisy’s stocky dog resembled a hippo when trotting up and down the barn aisles, Elgbert gave her the moniker Barn Hippo, and it stuck.

It’s even Maisy and her adoptive dog brother Andy’s Instagram handle (@maisythebarnhippo) for the account, which has over 118K followers. Maisy’s lovely attitude has won her fans from all over the world, and Marisa credits Maisy’s sense of humor and silly nature for the social media account’s popularity.

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Elgbert tells Daily Paws, “What makes her so remarkable is the way she talks.” “‘Woo is life,’ she says.”

Maisy’s characteristic sound is “woo,” a cute, low “woof” that appears to be missing the “f.”

Elgbert explains, “She woos when she’s really joyful, when she’s disregarded, when she’s furious at me.”

Maisy and Elgbert were brought together by a video of Maisy woo-ing. Elgbert had had a season of losses prior to the arrival of Maisy—she had lost her father, mother, and her 13-year-old dog George in the span of a few years.

Elgbert was lonely and going through a difficult period until a friend tagged her in a video of a lovely foster dog named Maisy making her trademark “woo” sound, and Elgbert instantly fell in love.

“I was like, ‘Who is this dog, and how can I bring her into my life?’” Elgbert recalls.

Elgbert learned that Maisy was just three years old when she tracked her down and adopted her. She had been rescued from a terrible circumstance where she had been kenneled practically constantly. Elgbert has made it her mission to assist Maisy in living the exciting and joyful life she so richly deserves.

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Maisy has quickly adjusted to barn life and gained a slew of new friends, particularly among the horses. She enjoys sleeping with them, licking their noses, and waiting for the farrier to clip their feet.

Elgbert says, “There’s obviously something about her that attracts everyone.”