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Man builds a ramp to help his older dog get into the car

Recently an emotional video was shared on the Internet where you can see the endearing friendship between a man and his adult dog. In the scene we can clearly see how an elderly New York resident patiently helps his beloved pet into the car.

The great friendship that unites this man with his dog has made them an example to follow and has been appreciated by thousands of people on the internet, who have been moved to see them support each other in their golden years.

It is really an amazing and adorable bond.

Man builds ramp to help his older dog



The beautiful scene was recorded about a year ago, by a person who was parked just across the street and who, upon witnessing the emotional moment, did not hesitate to record them and share it with the rest of the world on their social networks.


In the video you can see the great love that unites this couple. Despite being older too, the man built a ramp so that the furry could climb to the trunk of the car more easily.

Watch the adorable moment on video:



The video, which to date has been viewed a little more than 896,242 times, shows how even the old man helps his dog with a sheet as he climbs the ramp into the vehicle.

The scene of these endearing friends has left countless reactions and many adorable comments for these beautiful life partners.



One of the comments of the people when watching the video says:

“Man’s best friend through thick and thin.”



There is no doubt about the message left by this sweet scene. A dog will always be a faithful companion that will accompany you through thick and thin for the rest of his life, and the only thing left for us to do is to make his time in our lives as good as possible.