Meet Kazou, an eyeless kitten who will steal your heart

Kazou is a cat that was found small when he was still very young, when they found him his eyes were badly damaged because of the cat flu and unfortunately they had to be removed with surgery.

This story might seem really sad, anyone might think that Kazou is a poor cat with a really sad life, but he is not, there is not even a bit of sadness in his life. The truth is that the fact of losing one of his senses did not become in any way an impediment for this little one to continue being a very happy cat.

He is a very curious, playful feline and is not afraid of anything, he loves to go after bumblebees and among his main and privileged hobbies is enjoying the sun in the garden. He is a very lucky cat who is also loved and pampered by his family, even by all the strangers who meet in his way, everyone falls in love with his cuteness.

Check out the photo shoot that his owner did for Kazou below, he looks like a real model, he looks really amazing, his beauty was captured in the best way and he has the power to win everyone’s heart.

This is Kazou, although he can’t see with his eyes, he does so with his heart.

Like all other felines, he is also daring and very curious.

He is also extremely adorable.

Although he lost his sight when he was very young, it seems that he does not miss it one bit.

Her favorite hobby is walking in the garden …

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And of course to sunbathe.

It is very, very playful.

No one can deny that it is very photogenic.

Its sweetness is capable of making even strangers fall in love.

Surely you too.

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