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Meet The Rosefinches, The Little Birds With A Gorgeous Pink Coloring (Gallery)

Have you ever seen a pink bird before? A bird thats main color is pink? You would think it’s something out of a cartoon, but it’s definitely real!

Nature has bless us again with the beauty of the rosefinch(Full Gallery is below)

These gorgeous pink delights are found mostly in Eurasia and the Americas and boast over 20 different species, each as wonderfully unique as the last.

The species arise from the passeriine birds of the finch family Fringillida.

Their melody is sweet and very pleasing to the ears, They have a three-note whistling tune.

They love to feed on seeds and grains but other species of rosefinch are omnivores, feeding on insects, invertebrates, and plants.

Without further ado, lets meet the wonderful rosefinch. (Full Gallery below)

There are two different genera of these birds, Carpodacus and Haemorhous. One is mostly found in Europe and Asia, the other is found in North America.


They have spread westward through Europe in recent decades, even breeding in England.

The common rosefinches breeding grounds are located in multiple places such as Sweden, Siberia, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan and more.



Common rosefinches are the most widespread and common rosefinch of Asia and Europe, they span over many different countries around the world!

They build nests low in the trees, and typically produce a brood of 3-4 each breeding season.


Preferred habitats in the summer include thickets or woodlands, and edges of forests with rivers nearby.

In winter months, they prefer gardens, orchards, swamps and dry oak forests.


First-year birds tend to disperse further than adults which explains why colonizing birds are almost always dull-plumaged (young) males.

There is no doubt these pink birds are very pleasing on the human eye.